November 14, 2014

What's up Buttercup?

Hello all.

It's been a while since I've simply gave an update on things, so I thought I'd write a quick slice of life lately.

I seriously cannot believe fall is over. Fall is so magical and uplifting to me, so as bittersweet as I was to see it go, I have accepted the change of the white misty snow. It was so fun to show Henry the snow out the glass doors and front window. I will never forget how he responded. I pointed on the glass to the flakes falling down, and once more to the few inches piling up on the ground, and his response was the cutest.

"Wowwwwww. snow."

I'm so excited to bundle him up and take him sledding and such!

I cannot believe that little miracle will be 2 next month. Honestly I think this birthday will be harder than his first one. The first birthday is this new and exciting territory, a milestone, and something fun to plan. This year I feel as if it's just not time for another birthday already; time has seriously flown :( I love the stage he is at now, as active and hectic as it can be sometimes. He is obsessed with the alphabet, he loves to singularly point them out on signs and books. He amazes me with his growing vocabulary, and the short little phrases he can say. He says please and thank you, and it melts my heart every time. With this weather, I just don't know how I'm going to keep him busy. We are so used to going out and about and parks regularly to burn off some energy! Lately I have found some local childrens play centers (which are awesome, thank you Nampa/Boise!). We frequent Jabbers in Nampa and Jump Time in Meridian a lot. Jabbers is an open play center 10 minutes or so from our house, where they have all sorts of play set up. Grocery store with carts and food, a full furnished house, construction site with trucks and rocks, ride in cars and streets, and more. I love seeing Henry's imagination at work! Jump Time has been a recent discovery of ours as well. It has huge inflatable bounce houses and slides, as well as a foam pit and trampoline floor. He is always worn out to the bone when we leave! I think we will frequent those places a lot during this winter season.

Hank has been doing well too. He works graveyards at the Ada County Dispatch Center, which are currently (4) 10hr days of 7PM-5AM. Since we had our first snow of the season in the treasure valley, he is constantly dealing with high volume calls of traffic/accidents. We both recently got over a nasty cold/deep cough so it's nice to finally be back to ourselves and our routines again.

I've been doing pretty good as well. November 1st marked one year of working at the Coffee Cup restaurant, and I must say things have been pretty good. Some days, my heart just aches to be a stay at home mom again, but I have faith it will happen someday. I recently darkened my hair, and I love it. I thought it would be much more of a shock to me, since I had such blonde hair and for so long, but I instantly loved it! In fact, who knows, maybe I'll go darker next time! In my down time between keeping up with Henry and working, I find myself really enjoying makeup lately. I've always loved learning tricks and watching tutorials; I truly feel like that is my "me time".

I hope all is well for you lovelies, and I will try to be better at updating on what's new :)

XOXO, Kess