January 8, 2016

welcome to the world jett!

This sweet little chunk graced us with his presence at 11:07AM on a gorgeous Sunday morning. Overall, I had a very smooth delivery, which I have been blessed to have two deliveries go very well. I was able to deliver with the same doctor I did with Henry, and I must say she is amazing. I tell you good care makes a world of a difference. The labor was rather quickly, I started pushing at 10:47 and he was born twenty minutes later. He was 8 lbs 9 oz, I just couldn't believe it! I remember Jett being placed on my chest and the first thing I noticed was his chubby adorable cheeks. I remember saying, "hi baby!" and sure enough, he lifted his little head up and looked right at me, it melted me in a puddle. 

Epidural in, just playing the waiting game. 
trying to rest up before labor, is that even possible??
our first moments, <3
Those cheeks, oh my!!
proud & happy parents :)
My mom was able to make it just in time to be there to see Henry meet his little brother. He was so charming, he told my mom brother was coming today! He is too smart. He came into the hospital room with a bouquet of flowers, and a snickers bar for his daddy. He was so in awe about his brother, it melted my heart to watch him explore and watch Jett in wonder. 
First day at home being a mama of 2 boys. 
I love how alert Jett is in this picture, and did we already discuss his cheeks?? MY WORD. 

Jett is a wonderful addition to our family. He is such an easy-going baby. He loves to sit in his swing Santa brought him for Christmas, listen to brother talk and play with him, and loves to nurse and be held. He is just starting to smile and grow into his personality, which I love to watch unfold. 

I truly love these boys with every ounce I have...and then some. Being a mama is truly the most rewarding dream come true, and everyday I look forward to seeing the silly and tender ways they enrich my life. They truly are miracles, and I hold this blessings so dearly and with such gratitude.  

I hope you enjoyed this announcement of Jett's arrival,
we sure love having him, this sweetheart is so special. 

XOXO, Kess