February 16, 2016

February Fill in the Blanks!

Hi there!

I have been in a creative/writers block lately, sorry for the lack of posts. Today I wanted to get on and jot down a few little updates, so I scrolled back through my blog for this easy entry to fill out. Love to you all, hope you have a bright sunshiny day :)

Making: Sharpie mugs. and more printables for the nursery. #cantstopdecorating
Cooking: Lots of Mexican food lately. I could eat it daily for dinner no problem.
Drinking: Coffeeeeeeeee.
Reading: Blogs I follow, "This Old House" magazine
Wanting: to take a calligraphy class! Also a shopping spree. I'd really like to spruce up my wardrobe for warmer weather.
Listening: "Good Good Father" Chris Tomlin. (lyrics: You're a good good father, it's who you are, it's who you are, and I'm loved by you, it's who I am, it's who I am) <3
Looking: At Jett cooing and sucking his chubby fists
Playing: Playdough with Henry, boyfriend is obsessed with it!
Wasting: time on laundry. Laundry is a waste of time, blahhh ;)
Wishing: for Henry to get over this cold soon.
Enjoying: This 60 degree weather, so ready for the outdoors!
Waiting: for this weekend to roll around, going to a Christian concert with my mama. Also, waiting to hear back on some job applications. ugh.
Liking: Lancome foundation. Got some samples at the mall and they are wonderful!
Wondering: Where my ipsy glam bag is, no tracking number??
Loving: Henry and Jett's interactions day to day.
Hoping: That I can eventually get rid of anxiety all together. 
Marveling: At what little miracles my boys are. I just sit and stare at them in awe.
Needing: A trip to a hot pool, sounds wonderful!
Watching: Beth Moore "Encased in Grace" series. <3 so good.
Smelling:My banana nut bread candle burning :)
Wearing: The cutest moto joggers ever. Gracias Target!
Following: Jaclyn Hill on YouTube, I love her contagious joy and makeup tutorials.
Noticing: Jett has gained weight and growing like crazy, hello growth spurt!
Thinking: about Summer and all the fun things I want to do with the boys. 
Knowing: God is enough.
Focusing: on trying to find a part time job I would enjoy. Don't want it to be something not worth my time away from my sweet guys.
Bookmarking: photo ideas, and family home photoshoots
Opening: string cheese and fruit snacks...exciting I know!
Giggling: At Henry chasing and jumping for the Valentines balloons on the ceiling♥
Feeling: Content, hopeful, thankful, anxious, blessed.