November 26, 2013

God is rooting for you♥

Fall is in the air and football is on the schedule. My husband and I both have gone to highschool and Boise State games, as well as tune in on college ball.

I’ll confess: I do like football, but I am guilty of scrolling through pinterest between plays haha! So that means my mind does a lot of wandering during the games. 

What I do love about it is seeing all the fans encourage the team. They stand up, holler, cheer, and applaud over every little victory. In every way, they are for the Broncos. {insert your favorite team here}. ;)

Watching those folks cheer gave me a new understanding of what it means that “God is for us” {Rom. 8:31}. 

I can sometimes picture God as waiting for me to make a mistake.

But that is not what it means to be for someone.

Ask any football fan.

When you’re for someone, you want them to win.

When you’re for someone, you watch for what they’re doing well.

When you’re for someone, you cheer them on no matter what happens.

God is for you.

Let that sink in for a minute.It changes everything.

God is not waiting for you to mess up.

He’s rooting for you.

Go, you!

And here’s the best part…With God on your side, you always win.

XOXO Kess♡

November 20, 2013

Choosing not to be Lonely.

Can I just get honest about something today?

We all have moments when we feel a bit lonely
It's part of being human. We go through different seasons, transitions,moves,changes.

When you find loneliness sneaking up on you, first say this: "Hello, Loneliness. I know you're here to try to convince me that something is wrong with me, and that I am the only one who hangs out with you. But I've figured out your tricks and I know that's not true. So thanks for stopping by, but I've got better things to do than listen to you."

Then pick up the phone, send an email, go to a coffee shop, invite a friend to lunch, hug your kids, sign up for something, text someone--whatever you need to do to connect with another person. Because chances are, loneliness has tried to visit them too. 

When we listen to what loneliness tries to tell us, we withdraw when what we really need to do is reach out. 

The surest way to keep from feeling left out is to let people in.

You may be lonely right now, but you're not alone.

Who can you love on today? 

Xoxo, Kess

November 17, 2013

Long time, no talk!

Hello friends!

Things have been crazy for Kessie girl lately, so I am warning you that this post may be all over the place, but my friends, MY LIFE has been all over the place, haha! Bear with me lovelies! In fact, maybe I'll do bullet points for my random thoughts!

1. First things first, if most of you didn't know, I had been trying my hand at nannying since September. I started out with one family that ended up just cancelling care out of no where; I had been watching three kids four days a week, and suddenly the mom was getting let go from her job. I then started babysitting a 6week old baby boy, and just two weeks in, they no longer could afford it. So I came to the conclusion that nannying rarely ever works out and is a flaky business. It was discouraging to say the least.

2. I have a job! As of November 1st, I am a waitress at the Nampa Airport Cafe, aka "The Picnic Basket Eatery" I TRULY ENJOY IT! What a blessing. The only disadvantage is working on Hank's days off (weekends) so we have no days off together, but I am off by 3! I totally underestimated the work it takes to be a waitress. WOW. It's so much fun though. The best way to describe the atmosphere is a "ma and pa diner", very small...quaint and comfy, know you by name basis, know your orders, good quality comfort food. It is so much fun, and the novelty of watching planes take off and land as you enjoy a meal is fantastic! I see the most beautiful sunrises every day when I arrive to work; its pure beauty. It's nice to once again be able to provide an income for my little family, yet I get the week to be with my baby. Thank you God!

3. MY BABY IS GOING TO BE ELEVEN MONTHS ON THE 27TH! Holllayyyyyy. Where did that year go?? I know I should be pinteresting and planning his party away, but part of my heart is in denial. What a year. I feel like being a mom is what I've always sought out to be; I was the oldest of five kids so I was used to helping the bunch and picking up the load in mothering haha ;) Henry is my rock. He keeps me grounded, keeps my spirits soaring. I never knew there is a part in your heart awakened when you become a parent, but it truly does. Now that Henry is almost one, people are stirring up the question left and right, "When is the next baby coming? When does Henry get a sibling?" Honestly, I am content for a while. Although I know (God willing) we want more kidlets, I have never been one of those people to put a number on how many, or wanting to plan out the timing between, so on and so forth. For me, I just feel like in the end, it's GOD's plan, and I am submissive to whenever and however He plans out our family for us. I am truly enjoying just Henry's milestones and stages for now:)

4. Holidays are coming up. I wish when everyone thought of the holidays, they would light up with joy. I truly love the Holidays, the way it makes me feel, the spirit of the festivities, the company of family, quality time all together, but it also brings alot of stress. Planning Christmas and Henry's birthday together will be pretty strapped, but we are beyond excited! I have lots of little ideas for our family for the month, such as a Christmas Light date night, 12 Days of Christmas (12 random acts of kindness for other people) and all sorts of stuff. I'm so excited!!

I know this was kind of a choppy post, but I want to wish you all happy days and I hope all is well.

Xoxo, Kess