September 26, 2015

Fall Makeup

Hello lovelies! 
As most of you know already, I love makeup. 
and I love fall.
So I can't help it but be consumed and excited for fall makeup trends!
To me, summer makeup is all about minimal and bronzed, leaving most of the focus on the face,
featuring sunkissed bronze, highlighted cheeks, and simple on the eyes.
Fall is a total game changer.

I love the deep vampy, berry, and wine colored lips paired with smokey sultry eyes,
it's my favorite. I've just been obsessing over these trends on Pinterest, any takers on me applying your makeup for you?? 
Today I thought, why not post some inspiration, and some of my favorite lip colors I own?
Best part is all of these are very affordable and very inexpensive. 
So without further ado, here are the babes I will be busting out of my collection this season:
(I will be talking about each lip product in order from left to right. Click the products for links)

NYX Butter Gloss (Raspberry Tart) : Love this lipgloss! It's a super wearable shade, and I love that the color is buildable. I can put one coat on for a light berry color or a couple coats to get a plum effect. It's less commitment than a lipstick for all day, and easy to touch up! Best part is it's price, only $4.99 at Ulta! (Ulta always has a $3.50 off  $10 coupon on their website, and so I thought since I'm mentioning 3 NYX Lip products from Ulta you might as well bundle and save a penny!)

Milani Color Statement Lipstick (Uptown Mauve) : This color is ideal! I originally came across this beauty searching for a long-desired dupe for the ever so popular MAC lipstick in the shade "Rebel". It's simply stunning, but honestly, $17 for a lipstick just isn't my taste! This is a purple with a deep pink undertone, and it's gorgeous on so many skin tones. I picked this stunner up at Walmart for $4.97! 

NYC Lipstick (Mahogany) : This one is honestly my FAVORITE! From one glance it looks like a deep cranberry shade, then the next its a deep purple. This one believe it or not is 93 cents at Walmart, heck yes to that budget!

NYX Butter Gloss (Chocolate Crepe) :  This is such a unique lip color. It has a dusty rose, deep mauve feel to it, with slight brown undertone. It would go great with an intense smokey eye or a glitter crease cut. This one is $5.99 at Ulta! 

Milani Twist up Lip (Premiere Plum) : I was lucky enough to find this pretty color at the Dollar Tree of all places. Milani is a pretty inexpensive brand, and so when you find it at the Dollar Tree, snag it up girlfriend! They are good quality! This creamy plum lip shade is a typical fall statement

NYX Butter Lipstick (Licorice) : This deep wine color is a go-to for me for sure. It stays on all day, and is just the ideal fall lipstick color everyone tries to find! Only $5.99 at Ulta too, can't beat that.
Color Swatches from L to R: Uptown Mauve, Mahogany, Raspberry Tart, Licorice, Premiere Plum, Chocolate Crepe

I've also got some more shades I'm on the lookout for this season too :)
I'm dying over these! L to R: Retractable Lip Liner in "Plum", Simply Vamp Lip Cream in "Bewitching", High Voltage Lipsticks in "Wine & Dine" and "Dahlia", Intense Butter Glosses in "Toasted Marshmallow" and "Spice Cake"

I hope you enjoyed this little beauty post, please let me know if there are any products you hold true to this fall, or if you try any of these for yourself :)
XOXO, Kess

September 22, 2015

a quick pregnant post :)

Hello to you all :)

My blogging has been slacking hard core.

so sorry!

I've honestly just been riding the mamahood coaster, and I have had a broken laptop charger (hence, no laptop) for a while now, and I'm just too lazy to type a blog post from my phone.

Excuses excuses, I know! ;)

I thought I would write a quick little pregnancy update, and what better way than a cute Q & A!

  • How far along: 30 weeks 
  • Weight gain: its been a steady incline, I'd say I'm nearing 20 lbs.
  • Maternity clothes: I don't have any! I honestly stick to leggings and yoga pants :)
  • Stretch marks: None yet! Hoping to avoid those suckers!
  • Belly button in or out:It is on the verge of popping out!
  • Sleep: I am having trouble getting comfortable and staying asleep. It could be because, pre bump, I slept on my stomach. These days I wake up wide awake around 3 or 4AM, and rarely make it back to sleep again. 
  • Best moment this week: Sounds silly but it made my week that we made some headway on the nursery. We have been transitioning our home office into a nursery and to see it as a blank canvas to decorate and nest makes me so excited. Can't wait to see all the newborn stuff set up again. 
  • Worst moment this week: I had my bloodwork/glucose labwork this week, and it was no bueno. I am so horrible with blood draws, and on my way home from the appointment I started blacking out and having trouble breathing. I had to pull into a parking lot quickly and Hank called for help to come get me. It was so so scary :(
  • Miss anything: sleeping on my stomach! enjoying a meal, I get so hungry yet I have no room for food haha!
  • Movement: Oh yes, little man loves to roll around and kick me whenever I stop moving or lay down. But when someone tries to feel his movement, he completely stops, what a stinker!
  • Queasy or sick: feeling pretty good, thank the Lord! The first and early second tri had me so sick, I seriously couldn't take it!
  • Looking forward to: Holding this sweet BOY, seeing his sweet features, and his bond with Henry
  • Any names: The only name that has stuck on me is Grayson, but Hank doesn't like it, so we are waiting for something to really stick and resonate with us. Naming a second child is so much harder! I feel like you try to consider how it sounds with your last name, their siblings names, and yours, its hard!
  • Random pregnant things to note: I am SO scatterbrained, like ridiculously a space cadet haha. Hank will tell me something and I immediately don't remember what he said. Appointments? Forget those in my memory! If I don't look at my calender everyday I would be so lost!
Love you all, thanks for reading :)
XOXO, Kess