October 28, 2015

Tribal Teepee Nursery Tour ♡

Hello friends, welcome to the blog!
Today I finally got around to getting some pictures of the nursery/playroom space and thought I would share with you and show the details. This was such a fun space to create, and simple really! Lots of DIY, crafts and printables, but I really think it's a unique and eclectic space, can't wait to see the boys together creating memories in here. I'm exactly one month away from the due date today, WOW
The look I wanted to go for was tribal, I wanted it to be adventurous and outdoorsy. I was really drawn to mint, orange, yellow, black and cream colors together, and of course teepee themed! I had searched high and low for triangle decals, but they were all so spendy! I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a roll of black vinyl with a 40% off coupon and got enough to make the whole statement wall for just under $4, it was a total steal! I made a cardboard triangle the size I wanted and traced and cut it out from the roll over and over,then placed them on the wall sporadically. I love how it turned out! 
For the gallery wall I decided to print off some cute art and added some dimension with some decor I crafted. I bought some arrowheads on ebay for $4 and spray painted a canvas to hot glue them to. I also picked up the white feathers from Walmart and dipped them in paint and tied them all to a branch. I love the wild banner too, it was an easy felt and hot glue project! I love gallery walls. They are super easy and give a space character. I love the fox and mountain one most!
TOP: Paint swatch papers cut into teepees and glued on to black spray painted frame
BOTTOM: Fox, moon, and teepee print

A peek inside :)
I've always loved Peter Pan so I had to add this right when you walk in. I always tell Henry never grow up♡
This may be a nursery, but I wanted it to double just as much a play space as well. This cradle was made by my Grandpa, and I thought it would work perfectly to store books for Henry to read and play with as I tend to baby brother. 
Another picture of the gallery wall
I think one of the main things that makes this space is the indoor play teepee. I have always wanted the fancy Etsy teepees, but I just couldn't fathom spending $200 on a toy. Besides, the poles propping them up seemed to be a nuisance to play around and avoid knocking over as a toddler. I was so happy to find this on Walmarts online clearance for $18 and even though it is alot bigger than expected, it is the perfect touch, and Henry can't get enough of it! 
This sign is my absolute favorite thing about the room. I wanted to keep the triangle wall simple so I added the silver arrow and strung felt balls from the Dollar Tree from it. 
Since baby will probably be sleeping in our room for the first little while, we just set up a simple bassinet in here. 
Henry's teepee. So far he asks to do everything in here. Eat lunch, read books, play toys, nap, and even play in the dark with a flashlight. He loves it!
Another view of the triangle wall
Henry's little play corner
Changing table, and of course sone moccs!
I just have a feeling we will spend a lot of time in here♡ I love watching him play and explore.
Book storage 
I seriously love this deer print from Hobby Lobby. And the banner was another DIY felt and hot glue project. My poor fingers. 
Isn't this basket darling? Gotta love D.I finds!
Can't wait to meet you and bring you here baby boy♡
Xoxo, Kess

October 12, 2015

Big Brother Interview

Third trimester has had me all sorts of wiped out again. I cannot believe how tired I am! But lately I've really enjoyed naps with Henry not just because I need them, but because of our snuggles, giggles and conversation. Today, Henry really started to talk about baby brother so I wanted to journal the little sentimental things he said to me as he fell asleep.

Pointing to my belly: "baby brothers in here mom."
Yes he is he will be here soon!
Then pointing at my belly button: "open the door, come out and see me!"

"Jesus loves baby brother."

"Jesus loves Henry and Mommy too."

"I show baby brother how to play."

"Baby brother loves vegetables." (Haha this one killed me, the things he comes up with)

"Baby brother play with my toys."

"Baby brother loves my grocery toys and doctor toys."

"I hug baby brother crying."

"Baby brother come to Henry's house."

"I love baby brother."

Henry gave me the gift of mamahood, and I hold that first born experience with him so precious. I cannot wait to see this new chapter unfold.
Xoxo, Kess