March 20, 2016

life of little dudes.

hello everyone.
happy sunday!
today i wanted to share a little bit of highlights of our lives around here.
lately i've been so inspired by fellow mama bloggers and instagrams where they are filled with photos of simple day to days with children, or the "mundane" moments.
i have learned as a mama that pictures that are super posed or kodak worthy are nearly impossible, and to me, kind of cheesy. i'm drawn to taking pictures where you are seriously peeking in on a memory being made. i always told myself if i was a photographer that'd be my photo style.
anywho, here is some quick pics of the little dudes.
they seriously make this mama girl so happy and i enjoy our days together so much.
they are truly growing like weeds...time please slow down?!
well, here we go, here's some moments of henry and jett.
xoxo, kess