July 19, 2016

decisions decisions.

hello blogging world!
it's been a hot minute since i wrote a blog entry, and even longer since i wrote any sort of update so i figured i'd do a quick catch up for you guys, and share an idea i've had on my heart.

summer has seriously been a whirlwind of events for our family.
we have had both a smith family camping trip and the gummersall reunion, and enjoyed having the boys in the outdoors and spending time with our loved ones. 
we got a new camper in may and have used it lots!
we recently had a tire blow out on it though :( and on the 4th of July of all days.
it was really scary, and left our new camper quite damaged (we have only had it 2 months)
but despite that, it left me extremely grateful none of us were hurt. 
in addition to camping, we have spent time doing a lot of other fun activities. 
we have been to lunch-in-the-parks, swimming pools, splash pads, and kayak floats.
can you tell we love the water??
yesterday, we took the boys to roaring springs waterpark as a family and it was a blast!
that place seriously makes me feel like a kid again. 
at first, henry was super hesitant about trying new things and slides, but by the end of the day was already talking about coming back again.
oh, did i mention we were there from open to close?? (yep, 11-8 haha)
jett man was a huge fan of the water.
he loved floating in the lazy river they have, as well as mom and dad holding him so he could kick his legs and splash around.
the boys had so much fun!
hank and i tried out their intense slides as well, we are adrenaline junkies haha!
we also have really enjoyed getting together with my friend Amanda and her little girls.
we go to the parks, indoor playplaces, and mcdonalds frequently haha.
we sure love them, and they are seriously such dear friends to us. 
hank recently had a shift change, and has been rotated back on to graveyard shifts.
it's hard to have him gone at night and for dinner, but we are so thankful he has saturdays and sundays off now!
as for me, i will be starting back at work again tomorrow.
the restaurant i worked at previously has been super short-handed and asked me to come back, so i picked something that would help them and work for me. 
i have super mixed feelings about it, but a job is temporary, and i can always find something else or change it if it's not best for us. 

i shared earlier in this post that i've had an idea that's been heavy on my heart for months now.
an idea to start a YouTube makeup channel.
i am so so passionate about learning/trying makeup and all about dupes and tricks, and several people ask me for tips and recommendations frequently, so i thought it would be a perfect outlet.
i am a little hesitant on putting myself out there like that, but i really have wanted to for a while so we will see :)
how is your summer??
any plans/trips??
hope you all are doing well and having fun in the sun!
xoxo, kess