June 8, 2015

summer lovin.

hello s u m m e r :)

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like it was just starting to feel like spring, and then bam! It was hot, school was dismissed, and summer snuck right up. To be honest, I love it. I feel alive and full of energy with the sun out and activities going on.

There are so many little activities I cannot wait to plan and enjoy over the season with my boys. I am so grateful to live in Boise, and although fall is my favorite here, summer is a super close second. I So far we have been going to the lunch in the parks and swimming here and there at the Nampa waterpark. I have so many things in mind to do with Henry, with Hank for date nights, and as a little family.

With Henry I can see us spending our time going to the parks, ice cream trips, the zoo, indoor play centers on the rainy days, $1 matinee movies, and so much more. It is such a treat to experience your child experiencing something; it makes my heart just burst.

Hank and I will probably try to squeeze in as many date nights and one-on-one time before things get a little hectic and more busy this fall. I can see us going to dinners, Cold Stone, Northern Lights (dine in movie theater), Dave and Busters adult arcade, and just spending it walking out and about outside.

As a family there is so many little events and things we love to do. We will probably go to the fair, classic car shows, movies in the park, BBQs, drive inn, camping, hiking, lake days, and picnics. We will also be doing a few camping trips with family throughout the summer.

I am really excited to be going to the Boise Music Festival this month, which I won tickets for on the radio! Random I know, and so funny because I never win anything. I will also be going to the Beth Moore conference in July with my mama.

What are you doing this summer? What are your fun summer ideas? I'd love to hear anything you love to do or think we might enjoy :)

XOXO, Kess