October 12, 2015

Big Brother Interview

Third trimester has had me all sorts of wiped out again. I cannot believe how tired I am! But lately I've really enjoyed naps with Henry not just because I need them, but because of our snuggles, giggles and conversation. Today, Henry really started to talk about baby brother so I wanted to journal the little sentimental things he said to me as he fell asleep.

Pointing to my belly: "baby brothers in here mom."
Yes he is he will be here soon!
Then pointing at my belly button: "open the door, come out and see me!"

"Jesus loves baby brother."

"Jesus loves Henry and Mommy too."

"I show baby brother how to play."

"Baby brother loves vegetables." (Haha this one killed me, the things he comes up with)

"Baby brother play with my toys."

"Baby brother loves my grocery toys and doctor toys."

"I hug baby brother crying."

"Baby brother come to Henry's house."

"I love baby brother."

Henry gave me the gift of mamahood, and I hold that first born experience with him so precious. I cannot wait to see this new chapter unfold.
Xoxo, Kess

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