December 5, 2015

Jett's Maternity Photos

Today I wanted to share with you my maternity pictures. They weren't exactly a planned or scheduled thing, but how they came about and turned out made me extremely happy. 
My sister in law, Anna, is a photographer and had been hinting here and there that she wanted to take some maternity pictures (she lived in Alabama when I was pregnant with Henry and couldn't take them) so after a few pinterest inspired photos sent back and forth we decided to give it a go! 
Honestly I hadn't even thought about getting them this time around, with being so swollen and uncomfortable and just downright self-conscious, I didn't think to get any this time. Boy am I sure glad I did! The lighting was absolutely breathtaking outside, and with the couple outfits and props I had thrown together and a beautiful Boise spot for pictures, it turned out perfectly! With Henry, his pictures had a Christmas theme, so with these I really wanted to capture the season of fall in the heart of Boise. (I seriously love it here, it's absolutely beautiful year round) It's so fun to reflect on these and see the last day I was pregnant. (I went into labor late that night, and had Jett the next morning). Pregnancy is such a profound and beautiful thing, and whether or not you feel confident during it, you most definitely should capture it. It's so worth looking back on. 
Xoxo, Kess


  1. Breathtaking! Kessie you look great and are glowing !

  2. Are you my mother is my favorite book ever

  3. Are you my mother is my favorite book ever