May 13, 2016

Fill in the Blanks! (May)

Making: a frame with both the boys at the same age in the tub for my bathroom wall :)
Cooking: lots of healthy food lately. Chicken, salmon, asparagus, salads, and broccoli are go-to's over here, Hank's dieting and exercise have been a game changer for us. 
Drinking: sonic happy hour cherry limeades. they're addicting!
Reading: Jesus Calling daily devotional
Wanting: to go to Disneyland and Lagoon! A trip to Roaring Springs waterpark too. I love amusement parks.
Listening: Meghan Trainor's new album, she's killing it! Love her being the poster child for no photoshop!
Looking: At Henry jumping on the trampoline with sprinklers. Pure joy and energy!
Playing: hot wheels. i am constantly told which ones i can be for the day :)
Wasting: time cleaning. it's constant!
Wishing: for this summer to be a good one.
Enjoying: This 80 degree weather :)
Waiting: for Hank to get off at 3.
Liking: park outings with the boys. I love putting them side by side and hearing them laugh as they swing.
Wondering: When my ipsy bag will get here!
Loving: That my mama got her mother's day present, and it made her day.
Hoping: to get our dryer repaired so i can work on all this backed up laundry!
Marveling: at the boys playing out on the kayaks the other day.
Needing: A chiropractic adjustment. Holy ouch, my neck is hurting. DAD????
Watching: Flea Market Flip. It inspires me to create some thrifted pieces.
Smelling:My salted caramel pecan candle :)
Wearing: converse and snapbacks. loving that sporty trend lately!
Following: Brooke White from the Girls With Glasses Show. I love her honesty and vulnerability about life.
Noticing: my lack of sleep with jett is catching up with me, i'm so ditzy and forgetful.
Thinking: about my upcoming freestyle brush letting class with Amanda soon, yayyyyy!
Knowing: I AM ENOUGH. simple words but hard to grasp.
Focusing: on trying to find a part time job I would enjoy. Don't want it to be something not worth my time away from my sweet guys.
Bookmarking: photo ideas. I love lifestyle photography so much. all about the details!
Opening: my tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette i got for mother's day.
Giggling: at how Henry can make Jett laugh like nobody else♥
Feeling: vulnerable, edgy, happy, inspired. 

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