March 12, 2013

The Tuesday Ten {vol 2}

  The Tuesday Ten...again! :)

1. Lullabies.

My sweet little Henry and I are in a little routine at night that melts my heart. We go sit in our recliner with the lights dimmed, I hold him in my arms tightly with his "boppy" pillow, and he wads my hair tightly in his fist by my face as we listen to music to put him to sleep. It's our special little bonding time; I don't mind staying up for those sleepy snuggles :) These are the two songs we listen to, and I honestly tear up every time. It's my favorite part of the day. :")

2. Johnny Cash

To say Henry is infatuated with Johnny Cash is an extreme understatement. I have always loved and listened to Johnny Cash, but oh man, not nearly as much as I have now! Henry bounces on my knee and we listen to "Get Rhythm", "Walk the Line", "Ring of Fire" and more. Hank and I know the songs backwards and forwards; we are getting pretty good at Johnny and June's pitches ;) We have to switch up the songs quite a bit, so now Henry listens to "Long-Legged Guitar-Pickin Man" while he swings. I believe we have a country boy in the making!


My birthday is this Saturday, "I don't know about you, but I'm feelin 22!" I love birthdays! Especially now that I'm a mommy, its neat to think 22 years ago I entered the world, and my mommy and daddy became parents. Its such a sentimental moment in life! I don't think we will be doing anything extravagant but it'll be a good day:)

4. New Sheriff in Town.

Hank's first day as a Dispatch Officer for Ada County was yesterday! I got up early to make him toast and eggs, pack a lunch, steam his clothes, and send him off! Poor kid, I made him take a picture and everything before he left; he was like the kindergartner being sent off to his first day of school! He came home feeling overwhelmed from all the newness and unfamiliar territory, describing it as "trying to take a drink from a fire hose" haha! Information overload! I just know he is bound to feel appreciated and successful there.

5. Months.

Henry is now 2 1/2 months old and weighs about 11lbs! What a cute little porker! I'm planning on taking pictures on the monthly mark so I can compare and see his growth over time. Isn't he cute??

My cutie pie is getting so big! Can you see a difference?? :)

6. Friends.

I could really use some prayer regarding this. I feel as if I outreach to the friends I have a lot, but I also want to pursue new friendships as well. I would say that if I was to rank myself in being social, one end being extreme social butterfly, and the other pure isolation, I'm probably in the middle...ish, leaning more towards the social side.  I just really want to meet new people, and living somewhere outside of my hometown is the perfect opportunity for that. I'm praying that maybe I can make some mommy friends, and have playdates. There are tons, I mean TONS, of mommy clubs in the Nampa/Boise area; I need to just put myself out there and give the opportunity a chance. :)

7.  Good Reads.

I truly love being a mommy: I love being HENRY'S mommy. I'm so grateful God gave that sweet little thing to me. And although it is truly the biggest blessing, it brings out a lot of stress. A fellow mommy and blogging friend of mine recommended this book to me, and it is an extreme encouragement. Its uplifting, honest, and a way to connect and be uplifted as mothers share their experiences and spiritual journey through parenthood. I HIGHLY recommend it, and will borrow it out once I'm finished :) (It's all highlighted and side-noted, hope you don't mind!)


^This really is hitting home for me lately. Need to keep this as a daily affirmation to myself.


Sweet punky is changing so much. When he was first born, he looked just like me, but now I'm seeing more of Hank in him. What characteristics of him are Hank? What are mine? Who does he look like most to YOU? :)

10. Blog.

So far I've been using this blog to be an outreach to others; I am so passionate about uplifting and helping people, as well as for updates on my little family and our day to day lives. I want and will try to keep it up doing both :)

XoXo, Kess <3
...and Henry of course!


  1. Kess, I love you! You are an amazing friend, wife, and mommy! I just can't get enough of your kindness. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day Saturday and Hank better spoil you! I think Baby Henry looks like Hank now haha but there is many characteristics of you too:)


  2. Kessie, I remember you saying a long time ago that you were going to start a blog. I accidentally came across it while looking at another friend's blog. I just wanted to tell you that it is beautiful. You are a wonderful writer and have such uplifting messages. Thanks for sharing your sweet spirit. And I hope you don't mind if I come back again a time or two. Or three. :)