March 4, 2013


As a young girl, I longed for geniune friendships. I wanted friends who were compassionate to me, listened, loved, respected, and looked out for me.
 When this childhood/teen longing became unmet by constant disappointment by friendships coming apart, it became an emptiness and brokenness that drove me to seek out all kinds of misguided remedies.
My primary remedy was to look for someone or something that would make me feel loved. It's as if I carried around a little heart-shaped cup and extended it to whatever or whomever I percieved might fill it.
Education, will you fill me?
Work, will you fill me?
People, will you fill me?
Material possessions, will you fill me?
Within these questions were many more entanglements:
Will you right all of my wrongs?
Will you fill up my insecurities?
Will you make me feel significant?

The more I offered my emptiness, hoping something could fill it, the more frustrated and broken I felt.
Have you been there?
Maybe your gap wasn't left by friends that hurt you. Maybe your gap is an absent parent, a rough marriage, children you've longed to have. Whatever that gap is, God is the perfect fit for your emptiness, friend.
Right now, you may be muddling around in your life, feeling broken and empty; You offer yourself in a multitude of ways to people and in life, and you are still let down. God is the One who can mend that hole, dear friend. When you reach a place of emptiness where the disappointments run deep, you are in the perfect position for a miracle. Why? Because God can make His good come from hard times.
"In any and all circumstances, I have learned the secret of being content----whether well fed or hungry, whether in abundance or in need, I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me." {Philippians 4:12-13}
XoXo, Kess


  1. i love your blog, kessie! so uplifting and cute!

  2. Ahhw thank you :) I love yours!