November 26, 2013

God is rooting for you♥

Fall is in the air and football is on the schedule. My husband and I both have gone to highschool and Boise State games, as well as tune in on college ball.

I’ll confess: I do like football, but I am guilty of scrolling through pinterest between plays haha! So that means my mind does a lot of wandering during the games. 

What I do love about it is seeing all the fans encourage the team. They stand up, holler, cheer, and applaud over every little victory. In every way, they are for the Broncos. {insert your favorite team here}. ;)

Watching those folks cheer gave me a new understanding of what it means that “God is for us” {Rom. 8:31}. 

I can sometimes picture God as waiting for me to make a mistake.

But that is not what it means to be for someone.

Ask any football fan.

When you’re for someone, you want them to win.

When you’re for someone, you watch for what they’re doing well.

When you’re for someone, you cheer them on no matter what happens.

God is for you.

Let that sink in for a minute.It changes everything.

God is not waiting for you to mess up.

He’s rooting for you.

Go, you!

And here’s the best part…With God on your side, you always win.

XOXO Kess♡

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