January 7, 2014

What's the word?

As this new year started, there were lots of resolution articles, ideas, inspirations, but something that caught my attention was the "What's the word?" posts. Not really knowing what it meant, I looked into it and sure enough it was a really neat idea. “What’s with the one word thing?” my co-worker asked, “And how can you know what your word will be before the year even gets started? I usually don’t know until the end!” We laugh and I nod in agreement.

The "What's the word?" kick everyone has jump started for the year is in fact, pretty self explanatory. You pick ONE word to reflect and live out during that year, and that's your resolution. It's so simple but so general that you have full reign on any and every way you can live that word the whole year.

Yes, God is full of surprises and 2014 is sure to be too. Then I share why I think I'll love choosing one word for each year. And it really comes down to this…

One word lets me have a filter when you have opportunities come up.

One word gives me focus instead of going in a lot of different directions.

One word helps my friends and family know what I want to intentionally pursue so they can cheer me on and help me stay on track.

My word for 2014 is CONNECT, and I was inspired by this verse: Live a life of love {Eph. 5:2}. As a new mother, living in another town away from family and friends, and working part-time, it's somewhat of a challenge to connect with others and keeping up relationships is unfortunately difficult sometimes. It has taken me awhile to find confidence in my new role and to find ease in ways that I can spend time with friends. I feel like I started finally getting there before Henry was born, but then I was quickly thrown  into the non-rhythm of treading water that is having a newborn, especially a colic one. I am once again in a place where it is easier to go places, either with my babe or in the evenings, and my goal is to say “yes” more often to spending time with others and building relationships. I want to have more phone conversations and coffee meetings with girlfriends and find ways to love on friends who are having a challenging time now that I have some opportunity.

What about you? What are your hopes for this year?

Would you like to join me in choosing a word for the year? What really resonates with your heart?  

I’d love for your to share your word and why you chose it by leaving a comment, or even texting me :)

Let’s encourage each other as 2014 gets going….one word at a time.

XOXO, Kess

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