January 16, 2014


Yesterday was just one of those days, you know, the ones where the sequence of events are a mess over and over during your day. The countless errands and mundane chores beckoning for my attention. I was just mentally and emotionally drained.

Once a month, the church I attend has a ladies night, and even though yesterday I had just had it up to here, I threw myself together and gave myself the push to go. As I sat there during worship, I looked around at all the women praising. There was an elderly lady on the opposite end of the row I was seated in, face in her palms, kleenex clutched hands and crying. I felt this overwhelming sense of prayer in my head, I just had to sit down. I grabbed the notepad I had brought, and with pen in hand, in the middle of the singing segment of the night, began writing the prayer in my head for this woman. In the middle of writing it, I scooted down to the end where she was sitting, put an arm around her, and told her she wasn't alone. She briefed me on a little of what she was going through, her son was put back into jail that morning, and her two little granddaughters were shuffled over to her house. She was distrraught, broken, and burdened at the news of her son, from what she had said he has been in and out several times for drinking charges. Mind you, I had never met/talked to this woman before, but I immediantly felt a sense of compassion for her. She came to church more raw and broken than I had, and looking around it made me think how many other women had came in the same condition. At the end of the service I handed her the prayer I had wrote down, and my email/phone number if she needed it. She gave me a hug, and thanked me.

The reason I share this is because so many times I think in our walk of faith, we tend to get tunnel vision. We just see that A/B relationship we have directly with the Lord, when so many other hearts and lives are connecting with Him as well. As I stepped back and looked in on my "stress", I gained a sense of humility and gratitude that my stress was merely arguments and a busy schedule. In church, whenever there is worship, I like to think of the songs as prayers to the Lord. Last night those prayers were over that sweet lady, Elaine. I think sometimes we need to worship for others who are too broken or cannot stand and worship in their lives. Maybe they are fighting huge battles nobody can comprehend. Maybe they have had a shattered, messy life. Maybe they need OUR prayers and worship when they are too weak to have their own prayers and worship.

While writing that prayer, I also had a prayer come into my heart, and I jotted that down too. Last nights service was about coming to the Lord, and having the Lord come into your life. So this is a prayer I wrote for me everyday.

Come into my heart,

Come into my mess,

Come into my day,

Come into my life,

Come into my soul,

Come into my marriage,

Come into my home,

Come into my job,

Come into my words,

Come into my relationships,

Come into my mind,

Come into my actions,

Come into my parenting,

Come into my stress, 

Come into my joy,

Come Jesus come. 

XOXO, Kess

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