February 4, 2014

Fill in the Blanks. {February}

Making: Hank's Birthday Card
Cooking: Salsa Chicken, Crockpot style.
Reading: Old posts on some blogs I follow.
Wanting: A week trip to Portland, having Oregon withdrawals!
Looking: At my messy house, so overwhelming!
Playing: Peek a boo with Henry.
Wasting: Time while Henry naps.
Wishing: I could have a girls night, catch up with old girlfriends.
Enjoying: This sunshine, its much needed after months of inversion.
Waiting: For three o'clock. It's the hubster's birthday and I'm surprising him with a date to Tucano's :)
Liking: Concealer, how have I never used this until now? buh bye baggy sleepy mama eyes. 
Wondering: When our tax return will come, oh happy day!
Loving: Henry's walking. Its SO adorable.
Hoping: For the relationships in my life to be a blessing, not a hinderance.
Marveling: At how big Henry is. Wowww.
Needing: Some foundation, this girls been using every last drop!
Smelling: My Bath and Body Works candle, "Forever Sunshine" :)
Wearing: This cute little leather sleeve dress, my new fav!
Following: Sophia Bush on Instagram. That girl is amazing.
Noticing: There is 4 houses for sale on my street, so empty!
Thinking: Today seems like a Dutch Bros coffee kind of day, preferrably a Milky Way, yumm.
Knowing: I need to not set unrealistic, and unreachable expectations.
Focusing: on little areas of the house that need my attention.
Bookmarking: Daily Meal plans for one year olds.
Opening: A bottle of Treetop Apple berry juice. :)
Giggling: At Henry, holding his finger to his lips and saying SHHH.♥
Feeling: Hopeful, weary, sick, positive. 


  1. Oh my gosh! The song you have on your page, "This is the Stuff" was my JAM while I was living in Alaska. I love it so much! I was so excited to hear it again. :) okay, I am going to go read your blog post now... ;)

  2. Ahhh that's awesome, I love this song, it's what inspired the title "Bless Your Mess" :)