July 21, 2014

Self-Love Talk.

Okay peeps, this post is about to get real, and real quick. 

It's been a quick minute since my last post about a month-ish ago. 

Honestly it's been a whirlwind of a month too. Lost of ups and downs. Frankly, it's been really rough. :(

But I will persevere. With some prayers, coffee, chocolate, laughs, and tears along the way. 

 So let's start my post...shall we, friend?

Last week I was in Pocatello for my sister's bridal shower (she had an Alice in Wonderland themed party which you will just die when you see the decor I made for it, pics to come soon!), and happened to have gone to Lagoon and Ross Park Pool. Ayyy yi yi, here we go.....

So let's just say I have swimsuit anxiety haha. In fact, it's a rare moment that I even wear shorts! It's been this way for years for whatever reason, and the last time I really remember wearing anything that remotely showed my legs was in my cheerleading uniform days. Well since then, and growing a baby, I've had self esteem issues. 

Until NOW. 

Don't think that this NOW means I think I've totally got it on, that's definitely not the truth and definitely not what I think. 

I refuse to miss out on Henry's high-pitched, pool-induced giggles because of my insecurities.
I refuse to let other people's judging eyes prevent me from playing in the sun-glittering water with my son.
I refuse to let my self-image influence Henry.
I refuse to sacrifice memories with Henry because of a mommy body. 
Because at the end of the day, it's not about me.

It's about HENRY. 

I want him to remember twirling in the water with his mama.
I want him to remember splash fights together.
I want him to remember jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms.
I want him to remember his mom was there, with him! 

So I'll have you know the beach cover is off, the swimsuit is on, and my baby and I are enjoying the summer side by side. 

Xoxo, Kess

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