August 3, 2014


My life has been somewhat exhausting lately. I have this image in my head of a fish persisting to swim upstream; it's how I feel. I feel like from the minute I wake up in the morning to the second I close my eyes at night to rest, that I am swimming against a strong current of chaos and frustration, and it seems as if I try to rest afloat for a moment, I just might drown.

Every season in life is so different, and this one has been quite the challenge. Henry is constantly destructing and on the verge of an owwie waiting to happen, and saying no repeatedly doesn't seem to cut it. Hank and I have our own rough patch lately, and with little to no time in our schedule to communicate, it makes things difficult. I feel like my brain is so jam packed with demands, the demands of a toddler's extensive caretaking, (which I love, truly. Just exhausting and trying at times) the demands of customers repeatedly at work, and even the demands and expectations I put on myself. I came across a quote from a little book written in 1882, and as a part time stay at home mom/part time working mom, it truly inspired and encouraged me.

"When we look at a little child and remember all this, what a dignity surrounds the work of caring for it! Does God give angels any grander work than this? ..But in any work in marble so great as hers who has an immortal life laid in her hands to shape for its destiny? Is the writing of any poem in musical lines so noble a work as the training of a poem of a human soul into harmony?"

Whoa, that hit home. Being a mama, working girl, and caretaker of my home isn't the easiest tasks, but at the same time I'm SO grateful it's mine. It's both the sweetest and the toughest thing I've ever tackled.

Xoxo, Kess

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  1. You an Hank should read the 5 love languages, I listened to the military one and it was AMAZING!!!!! It really helped me understand a lot about myself and my marriage. Maybe it'll help you:) they have one for children too haha.