August 22, 2014

A few of my favorite things.

Hey there everyone!
Lately I feel as if all my recent posts start off with "it's been a quick minute" or "long time no post", guess that comes with the territory of summer!  We have been so insanely busy with two sisters weddings (bridal shower, reception, rehearsal all x2) camping, family reunions, anniversary, and more! I'm relieved that we just finished the swing of things and we are transitioning into my favorite season, fall.
Anywho, my post today is actually a post I'm going to try to do on a monthly basis, and I will title it "a few of my favorite things" I am totally one of those people who loves to sit around and listen to people rant and rav about recent things they've tried and loved. If they love it so much, I want to give it a shot, ya know? Well I thought maybe I could pass along some things I've been enjoying too, hopefully they are nice suggestions and you can try them for yourself. xoxo!
1. Gold Polka Dot Slip-On Tennis Shoes:
These have been a must have for me. They are super comfy, but chic enough to tie together any outfit. These particular ones are from Old Navy for $12. I've enjoyed dressing them up and down!
2. NYX Liquid Illuminator:
This stuff, oh my word. So I've been on the hunt for the perfect highlighter/illuminator for my makeup routine, and quite frankly, everything has seemed too blotchy/streaky or too expensive.  I bought this on a whim at Ulta (I believe it was $8) and sure enough, I love it. Gives your cheekbones a chiseled glow; it comes in two shades, a Rose color (pinkish tint) or Sun Beam (coral gold). I bought the Sun Beam color, and it's definitely going to be a go to from now on!
3. Heart-Shaped Sunnies:
Okay, a little back story on these. So I have wanted a pair for several months, and when I finally pulled the trigger, I bought some for quite the deal on eBay. BAD IDEA. They took 3 weeks to get here, came in blue instead of brown, then I paid the shipping for them to send me the correct ones, then they sent me bright red after an additional 3 weeks....ugh. Finally I just asked for a return haha. Anyways, I snatched these up at American Eagle for $10 and I just love them. Perfect shape, perfect tint. I love the retro chic look to them as well. My sister Kaitlyn has the exact pair, she did it right the first time ;)
4. Oversized Slouchy Tee:
I could live in this thing day in and day out. No joke, I'm always washing and hanging this thing to wear. I got it at Deb on clearance for $3 and I wish I would have bought them all haha! I love how it drapes, and how the back is gradually longer.  It's fun to dress up with a statement necklace and colored denim, over just to throw on with jeans and converse for a quick outing. Go get some, they are perfect!
5. Hawaiian Tropic Shimmering Effect Lotion:
This is probably my favorite item in this post. I can't remember the price on this but I'm certain it was under $10. This lotion rocks! It highlights your natural skin tone, and has a beautiful golden bronze shimmer in it. Can't help but love the coconut papaya scent either! The shimmer is gorgeous and suble, rather than looking like an 8 year old that just dumped glitter, its very pretty. I love it!
6. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette:
Can you tell I love makeup?? I am not the best at it, but I tell you what, I love to learn tricks and play with new products. I splurged on this kit, and I tell you what, its honestly worth every penny. (which unfortunately it is a lot of pennies, but worth it!) It has gorgeous neutrals, shimmers, and smokey eye potential, and I truly notice a difference in the quality of the color and it's long lasting effect. Go get one!
7. Scentsationals (walmart) brand scentsies:
At first I really didn't like the Wal-mart brand scentsy bars, I felt they had limited kinds, and didn't last at all. Even if you used three or four squares! They've came a long way, and recently I've enjoyed their "warm apple pie" and "coffee cake swirl" flavors.
8. Statement Necklaces:
Anyone knows a statement necklace polishes an outfit, and they are so unique! Both of these I have found at Rue 21, both on clearance for $3!! I love their selection. They have all sorts of looks, bohemian, rocker, and vintage styles. They are perfect, and inexpensive!
9. Black Pencil Skirt:
Another must have basic for your closet. This particular one is from Rue 21, and I always go to it! My all time favorite look is a graphic tee, black pencil skirt, and either heels or converse. This one is seriously so comfortable and stretchy, and flattering for all!
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you are enjoying these last couple weeks of summer!
Xoxo, Kess

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