October 15, 2014

These are the Days.

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"
-Anne of Green Gables

Oh Anne with an E, I couldn't agree with you more girlfriend! October is seriously my favorite time of year. I love everything about the fall and I get swept up in the season's magic every year. There is just something about the crunching leaves, pumpkin patches, football games, layered outfits, hunting season, and more that make my heart jitter. 
Last night we did our 2nd year of the family tradition of doing Papa Murphey's Pizza and pumpkins, and we had so much fun. I went and got Henry paint and stickers for his little pumpkin that way he didn't feel left out or bored during the carving process. We laughed, carved, and jammed out to Thriller and monster mash; it was a blast!
 It's crazy for me to think that I am now in the position of creating my child's memories, his childhood stories are unfolding right before my eyes, and I must say that is one of the neatest experiences of motherhood. It also is an experience in which you relieve that childhood magic yourself. For example, a couple days ago Hank and I took Henry costume shopping at the big Halloween store. We took him back into the fitting room to try on an Elmo costume, and he started jumping up and down, clapping his hands, acting silly and showing off to himself in the mirror, and pointing at himself with a huge grin. It was so fun to pick out and try on costumes with my little boy, and I can't wait for him to go out all dressed up for candy. Those are the memories that I look back on and smile about, and it's fun to look down at Henry and smile about him enjoying it.
I truly enjoy being a mama. If there is anything you ever remember about me, I hope this sticks out to you most. "That girl loves her Henry boy so so much, and being his mama makes her so happy." I can't believe what an adventure this motherhood thing has been for me so far, but I've loved every moment I've been fortunate to have it.

XOXO, Kess

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