June 17, 2016

Bad Mood Busters.

do you guys ever find yourself in seasons with your moods?
like they'll be a period of time where you wake up, sun is shining, a pep in your step, and a positive outlook. (sure the few hiccups but overall a season of joy)
and periods of times where you are restless, life feels weary and heavy, and a hopeless outlook.
(all you see is hiccups and life seems daunting)
the older i get, i realize that happiness is a state, not a destination you just arrive at.
this particular quote comes to mind when writing that:
I feel like we don't give ourselves slack or credit in knowing it isn't "just us" that has those funks, That everyone's mood waxes and wanes over time in their lives. 
I, myself, have been feeling in one of those funks lately, and I just wanted to write down a few things that help me while I'm in them and pull me out :)

We live in such an overshared and excessively filtered life that sometimes it's easy to hold our own live to comparison, which obviously will bring us down because we are comparing to just a glimpse of perception, or someone's highlight moment. I find that when I'm in a funk, ya know, the kind leaving you feeling not enough or insecure, I simply unplug. I unplug from TV, which is filled with all sorts of "reality"shows that aren't real life at all, sitcoms (although funny, can give you a false outlook on how life is supposed to be) and improvement shows (improve your home, improve your looks, improve your wardrobe, the list goes on and on) I try to avoid social medias, pinterest, and tv all together, and I definitely notice a difference when I am in a vulnerable state. 
I truly feel like music says the words our hearts can't sometimes, and honestly I am always playing music. Everyday since Henry was born I play "Here Comes The Sun" first thing when he wakes up and we snuggle in bed, and I love listening to Pandora cleaning house or out in the yard with the boys. But on these periods of feeling down, my music choice is different. I always lean towards Christian music and radio stations, they have really good ones on Pandora as well. I have 5 go-to songs that I just play over and over and have them fill my day when I can't even affirm myself.
-"Greater"by MercyMe
-"When I'm With You" by Citizen Way
-"Overcomer" by Mandisa
-"Savior Please" by Josh Wilson
-"This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli
Before you jump up and down all giddy thinking I'm encouraging a shopping spree or self indulgence every time you are down, let me clarify. I feel like life can be so monotonous and we spend so much time doing things that are outward, like work, bills, housework, errands, and such that sometimes we get down in the day to day grind of things. When I'm feeling discouraged, I "treat myself" with time to myself, like sitting in a coffee shop while Hank watches the boys, or even my evening walk alone with the dogs. I also mean treat myself with things that I enjoy. Maybe I sit down and craft, maybe I write a blog post, maybe I bake a new treat, maybe I play with my makeup, whatever it may be for you, TREAT YO SELF to YOU time!
Sometimes when I just feel spent or like I am just dragging, I truly believe you need to rest up and have lots of self care. Sounds silly, but taking extra care of me really boosts me up! Even simple things like taking vitamins (Vitamin 5HTP, Vitamin B12, and St Johns Wort are awesome daily supplements for mood and energy) a bubble bath, a hair treatment, a face mask, heck, even a morning spent sleeping in (or for me just laying and resting with the boys) or an early bedtime really does wonders. That kind of self care and extra really gives me a push.

I hope you enjoyed this tips and found them helpful :)
Have you ever felt in a mood funk? 
What helps you through it?
I'd love to hear from you!
Just know we all have those seasons, and just like weather seasons, they will pass.

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