September 6, 2016


hey friends!
today i wanted to share with you about my new 'do a bit :)

so for months now i've been looking at long bobs ("lobs" as pinterest calls it) and have thought they were so cute and trendy, but when it came to the thought of cutting off all my hair length, i totally would chicken. 
for the longest time i've had really long hair. when i was pregnant with henry. my hair grew like crazy and got to the longest it had ever been. and since then i've always just kind of trimmed it or added a little bit of long layers, and it just got boring. 
my ponytails got boring.
heck, even when i curled it, i never really liked the way it looked. 
so i kept searching, and pinning ideas.
finally i found that i liked the julianne hough kind of textured hair, and kendra wilkenson's blunt lob length, and sure enough it was go time.
i really love the hair stylist i see.
she always does such a great balayage and uses olaplex to give me that buttery icy blonde i like so much.
so about 3 weeks ago, i went in, pictures ready and mentally ready to cut my hair. 
i showed her what we were doing, and immediately she shrieked and clapped with excitement.
before i had the chance to double take or back out, almost 8 inches laid on the floor around me, and instantly it was a breath of fresh air. 
i have loved my hairstyle more than ever, and enjoy styling and curling it so much.
it's been a fun change!
what have you always wanted to do to your hair?? what have you wished you had the guts to try?
xoxo, kess

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