January 12, 2017

one word.

umm hi 2017!
i seriously cannot believe its here already. 
i feel like for so many people the new year gives them a sense of opportunity.
new visions.
new inner strength.
new optimism.
new chapter.
new sense of hope.
for the most part those have been the feelings i've experienced every time.
except this year.
i don't know if it was the rush of Christmastime and Henry's birthday, 
traveling from family to family,
and then the rush home to a busy work schedule or what,
but honestly, i haven't really felt any of those things.
in fact, i don't really think i've processed or let a new year sink in at all.
for some reason i've felt those post-season blues,
a overwhelmed, unsettled spirit.
almost in a way this new year seems somewhat daunting.
"oh, another year i will disappoint myself by not following through on the exercises i want to do"
"i have so much to organize and go through to simplify my home but i don't know where to start"
"another chance at trying to find time and money for all the hobbies and skills i want to have"
maybe i seem like a negative nancy, but please tell me i'm not the only one.

so last year, instead of coming up with grand resolutions, 
i've been going along with the "one word" resolution idea, and i really love it.
last year i prayed long and hard about my word for 2016.
god put it on my heart.
it was a year of trying to build relationships, 
reaching out to people in ways i never had.
well this year i've been praying for my word.
one day while driving home from the store with the boys it hit me,
hit me hard.
i knew right when it hit me that was my word.
and it's stuck with me since!
I remember getting home and putting the groceries away,
I build a cardboard box castle and got down on the floor with the boys to play,
i left my phone on the counter for hours,
i wrote a couple cards to mail out,
the next day i left my waitress randomly $20. 
I want to be more intentional in the moments around me.
i want to live with a more purposeful intent.

have you heard of the one word resolution?
are you doing it yourself?
if not its really easy to start and try out.
i'd love to hear what your word is :)
happy 2017.

xoxo KESS

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