January 22, 2013

Failure and Success.

The coffee shop is quiet except for the sound of voices at the table across from me. I can’t help but overhear

An older man says, “Most people think failure is here.” He taps one edge of the table. “And that success is here.” He taps the opposite edge. Then he places both of his hands in the center of the table. “But failure and success are really here. Side by side.”

The young man he’s talking to nods and the mentor continues, “Don’t try to avoid failure completely. Or you’ll never be successful.

His words ring in my ears and my heart as I take another sip of coffee.
Every time I get ready to try something new I hear the question, “What if it doesn’t work?” And the answer is, of course, “I’ll look like a fool.” Over time I’ve come to believe this–that’s not a good enough reason not to do it.

Looking like a fool comes with the territory of God-sized dreams.

Noah built an ark.

Moses wandered in the desert.

Jesus hung on the cross.

And those who watched shook their heads and muttered words like “failure” and “fool.” Little did they know.

Is that you today?

Have you stepped out in faith and wondered why you feel like a fool?

Have you come across failure like a roadblock in your path?

Keep going, friend.

You’re closer to success, to victory than you know. Pretty soon you’ll be able to see it.

Feel it.

Know it.

Reach out and touch its nail-scarred hands.

Don’t give up. Or give in. Or compromise. Or quit.

You’re going to make it.
And it’s going to make you…

not into a fool,
not into a failure,
but into a victorious follower. <3


  1. Ha Kess this blog could not have come at a more perfect time! I sit here wondering how could I after all this time even question getting an Associate RN rather than a Bachelors, and I will be a nurse at the end and rather than being embarrassed I am learning to embrace the fact that while I didn't make it the way most do...I will make it :)

  2. Yes you will Jess :) here for you every step of the way! XOXO