January 3, 2013

One Week.

Today marks exactly one week from when my baby Henry graced me with his presence; everyone is right, cherish it, for time surely flies. I already know I'm going to be that emotional mommy who cries at his first birthday, or the mommy that is being heavily hinted to leave when I drop him off at kindergarten. But that's okay by me. I'll also be the mommy who constantly assuring my son of my unconditional love and support for him. And that to me will be enough :)

So let me try to share with you some highlights from this new and crazy learning experience of motherhood so far.

1. It is humbling. I realized for certain that I am not capable of doing everything and anything all on my own strength. I have had to step back and let people in, guiding me and helping me learn the ropes. I have such a respect for moms in all stages, whether single moms, moms of multiple children, working moms, its such a crazy melay for me to just handle one ;) But I am more than grateful for the opportunity, because trust me, it is beyond rewarding.

2. You will not sleep. Hank and I used to be what I like to call on the "retired couple" routine. We would have dinner, watch our shows, and be tuckered out and ready for bed around 9. But I tell ya, ever since last Thursday when I went in to deliver our son, I have yet to know the time or date or any sort of sense of schedule. I am a big schedule person, so this is definitely an adjustment, because parenthood clearly does not run on schedule.

3. It is special. I remember glancing at my big belly wondering just picturing what life would be like after he was born...what would he look like? what will our home be like? how will things go? But now looking at his sweet fuzzy blonde head and holding him contently in my arms, I feel as if he has had this place in my life all along. <3

Other little tidbits I have enjoyed that are short, sweet, and to the point :)

-Hank talking, holding, and tending to Henry.
-Ernie snuggling Henry
-The little squeaks, expressions, smiles, and snuggles from Henry
-Riding in the car with little Henry snoozing in the back in his carseat
-How our home is a little unkept, but its unkept with baby gadgets and due to us being busy loving on our newborn
-breastfeeding (now that we've FINALLY got it down)
-being so delirious and giggly with my husband during our late nights. The other morning we were giggling and singing "Old Yeller" to each other and we honestly could not contain ourselves!

There are more I could list and I could ramble on and on, but duty calls, and it's my up for the diaper change!

Until then XOXO,

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