January 2, 2013

Hello blogging world.

Hello lovelies!

I have finally gave in to my urge to compose a blog, so bear with me on this. I thought it would be nice to have a little place for me to reflect on random tidbits, and as well as share memories life has thrown my way. So for starters, let me give you an overall outlook of me :)

My name is Kessie, but I am Kess to most.
I have a husband named Hank, and we met our senior year in highschool (2008-2009), and we have been best friends and in love ever since. We got married (8-9-2010) at a beautiful outdoor pavillion up around the Mink Creek area in Pocatello, our hometown. That same August, we moved to Nampa, which is the outskirts of Boise, and we have been here since. We really enjoy all the things Nampa has to offer; it has a cute farmland feel but yet we can head into downtown Boise, where we indulge in roaming around the capital building and peering in the city shops. The following August (2011) we were blessed to purchase our first home, and spent our first anniversary packing and unpacking boxes, laughing, and establishing a sense of home in our new space. In May (2012) we found out our little family of my husband, the pooch, and I was expanding when I saw 2 pink lines on a test! I had an amazing pregnancy, working 2 jobs and active as ever; I was so fortunate to have it that well. Recently we welcomed our little bundle of joy, Henry Scott Gummersall III, into our lives this month (December 27, 2012) and so far he fits right in. It honestly astounds me that someone so small and that you've known for so little of time can be such an impact on your heart, and that you cannot fathom life without them. I think that sums me up pretty well. I hope this blog can be a tool for me to look back on to reflect, smile, and reitterate all of life's little blessings and moments, and a place where I can share my heart. Until next time, XOXO Kess

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