February 28, 2013


For Christmas, I had gotten Hank the ideal present for him. I am one of those people that just about dies with anticipation when I've done something for them; I want to tell them so badly and spill it before the time to find out! But, I kept it hush hush :) I'm so proud of myself! Anywho....

For the longest time, Hank has had an extreme passion for airplanes. For our senior prom date, he had blind-folded me from my house in Inkom and drove me all the way out to the Pocatello Airport, where he revealed that we would be taking a discovery flight and I would be co-piloting! It was such beautiful weather that day, and I remember being up in the sky, manuvering the little Cessna over both his house in Chubbuck, and mine in Inkom. It was such a memorable experience, and quite the creative date! It is an experience you must do :)

So when we moved to Nampa after we got married, we found ourselves living conviniently located next to the Nampa Airport. We have enjoyed watching small planes, and even warhawk planes soar over our home. When its warm, we will just sit out back and watch the sky.

Ok, now that you've got some background, let me get back on track :) I went down to the Nampa Airport a little after Thanksgiving and bought him 2 gift cards to go on 2 seperate flights. I just knew he'd be estatic! After having Henry, and having the winter season pass by, he finally got to redeem a flight gift card yesterday! (He had previously rescheduled his flight twice due to bad weather, so he was really excited when he finally got to fly!)

Henry and I watched from the inside windows of the airport and Hank went out with his instructor, Jim. They did the pre-flight inspection, and Hank took off! It was really cool watching him take off and experience his dream; I can guarantee you my husband will be a pilot someday :) I fall in love with his passion, the way his eyes light up when he talks about his dreams, and how he fills up with light. It'll be cool to see where this takes him :)

Hank's take off

 Here are some photos:

Pre-flight inspection
Climbing in to fly :)

Just got done flying!

Hank and flight instructor Jim!

Hank, Henry, and I :) 

XOXO, Kess

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