May 17, 2013

Hey You ♥

Hey You,

I’m thinking of you today.

Maybe you’re out running errands, behind a desk, or curled up on your couch.

Wherever you are, if I asked you how you’re doing I imagine “tired” might be part of your answer.

We live in a rush-rush world. 

So in this moment, this quiet space, can I invite you to simply be still for a moment?


 Let the worries go. Tell God what’s on your mind, what’s happening in your day, what your heart needs.


Listen for His voice in return. Receive what He has to give you. Feel His love. Remember He’s with you in every moment, including this one.

What did you say to Him?

What did you hear?

Let it change the rest of your day.

And maybe even the rest of your life.

Happy weekend to you, sunshine. :)
XOXO, Kess

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