June 3, 2013

It's a Date.

Yesterday was a great great day. And much anticipated to say the least!

Things have been pretty busy around here. Hank has been working 9PM-7AM,  so as you can imagine we are on completely opposite schedules. He walks in the door in the morning to call it a night while I'm pouring my first cup of coffee to start the day. With that, 10hr shifts, Henry, life in general haha, our relationship seems to be on the back burner a lot. Its not that its intentional, life has so much chaos and distraction lately!

Finally I decided to jump the gun and plan a date. Our sweet friend who initially was our real estate agent who has became a dear friend volunteered to watch Henry,  and we set a day! Initially it was supposed to be a surprise for Hank,  but that lasted maybe a day or two....haha I couldn't contain the excitement!

Yesterday I set aside the bathrobe and sweats, and got all dolled up. I rarely get the opportunity to get ready, let alone dress up so it was really fun:)

We both got in the car, and at first it was...different,  in a good way! It was the first time in nearly 6months that we had been alone as just the two of us. It was such a big deal! No bulgy car seat & diaper bag, no fussiness in the back seat, just...US! We had a great time being able to visit, laugh, be silly, and be in each other's company. We really needed that ♥ It was like a first date all over again. It's fun to date your husband all over again:) We went to Olive Garden (YUM!) and saw Identity Thief, which was funny.

We are going to make this a monthly occurrence now. A time to unwind from work and stresses, a time to see each other in a different light from our roles of parents. A time with no noise,  fusiness, diapers, and just being able to look across the table directly and connect.  I've sure missed it, and I already look forward to next time. ♥

Xoxo,  Kess♥

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