June 24, 2013

The Tuesday Ten. {vol 6}

For my Tuesday Ten posts, I normally have random pinpoints and ramblings that have nothing to do with each other, just little tidbits that are jolting through my brain at the moment. Every once in a while, I want to switch it up and have the post be about one category with ten things to go along with it. So for this week's Tuesday Ten, I am going to jot down a list of ten things that are simple pleasures I enjoy in life. That list could go on for......................................EVER, but I'll just list ten. :)

Ten Little Things I love in Life:

1. Coffee. Hearing it brew, the aroma and richness, iced on a summery day or in a hot mug snuggled up when its chilly. It's comforting and delicious!

2. Babies. Miracle babies, first born babies, twins, long awaited babies, their smiles, coos, preciousness, tender spirits, and innocent dispositions. What marvelous miracles.

3. Good hair and makeup days... Need I say more?? :)

4. Weddings. The groom's reaction to seeing his bride, the written vows of devotion to one another, the pure beauty and love radiating from the couple, the celebration of it all.

5. Hospitality. Cooking, even when you are full to the brim. Hugs, when you need them most. and a gentle listener and friend.

6. Friendships. The hour long calls of laughs or empathy. The sincere loyalty and compassion for each other. The silly memories of the past. The smiles ahead in the future. New and old.

7. Holidays. The warmth and spirit of Christmas. The patriotism of the Fourth of July. The romance of Valentine's day. The reflection and sacrifice of Easter. The thankfulness and gathering of Thanksgiving. The excitement and silliness of a birthday. The compassion of an anniversary. Love it all.

8. God. His mercy. His grace. His consistency. His promise. His word. His Love. His protection. His goodness. His blessings. His comfort. His plan.

9. Dessert. Especially when stressed, notice how stressed says desserts when spelled backwards?!

10. Sunshine. When it rises. When it sets. Cast over a lake. Peering through the blinds. Shining through a window. Warming up a beach. Radiating from someone's heart ♥

Xoxo happy week,

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