June 13, 2013

You are valuable.

Do you ever feel you have no value?

Have you ever looked at something at a garage sale and thought it would be perfect for something in your house?

I love to scour Pinterest and get ideas. Honestly, I rarely do any of the ideas I pin, but the color and creativity feeds my brain and soul. What intrigues me about garage sales is that so much of what is there is considered of little worth or value to the one who (once) owned it. Yet, the person purchasing the item sees the value in the piece and chooses to give it a second life, of sorts.

Sometimes I feel my love for garage sales (and even Pinterest) comes from an eye {and heart} that sees things that are perceived to have no value, to be restored and get a second chance.

Perhaps there are days when you feel like you have no value and might as well be traded in for the new model.

Your “dresser” of a self feels scratched, dented, and the paint worn thin.

Relationships, parenting, friendships, kids, work…they can all leave you feeling like you have no value, that you don’t know what you are doing, that you are a failure.

All those thoughts or feelings are not from the Creator…YOUR Creator.

Just as you lovingly look at your children and marvel in wonder at their perfect little faces, He looks at you, His creation, and knows He has great plans for you . His “plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” {Jeremiah 29:11}  

Our God is the master of making things that others think have no value and giving them amazing value.

YOU are that amazing thing.

When you feel you have no value, remember HE values you.

He made you and loves you dearly.

He makes your ordinary “dresser” a bright and shiny fun green…for all to see.

I’m praying for you today, that you’ll feel His pleasure and know the worth you have in His eyes.

Xoxo,  Kess ♥

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