August 10, 2013


Yesterday was our third anniversary...I can hardly believe it! So much has happened and changed since then, and for the better. When I think of our wedding day, one word boldly comes to mind, CELEBRATION. It truly was one of the best times I've ever had in my life. It was a party; everyone danced and rejoiced, congratulated and hugged, mingled and joked. It was one of those moments in life you wish you could capture and relive over and over.

Our anniversary started off great from the start, because all of us slept in until 10AM...yes 10AM is a luxury with a baby! We got ready and took our friends to the Picnic Basket Caf√© (a little diner that oversees the Nampa Airport, one of our fav go-to spots) They have a little boy named Brantley who is two months younger than Henry, and by goll they are the best of friends you ever did cute! We visited and laughed as the babies threw menus and giggled, then watched the planes fly over us. We went back to the house to gather our swim gear, then headed back into Boise to float the river. Henry went to Brantley's house to be babysat, which was hard for his mommy at first, but he did just great! Floating the river downtown is something Hank and I have always wanted to do since living here, and since we had a babysitter, it was 100 degrees, and Hank had a day off, it was long overdue ;) We floated for about 2 1/2 hrs, relaxing, laughing, enjoying the sun! We picked Henry up, and drove back out to Nampa. When we got home we were so tired from the sun, and Henry was so tired from his playdate, we just took a family power nap! Our neighborhood friend, Tina, had offered to watch Henry so we could go to dinner, so we woke up and got everyone ready to go. It was nice to dress up and go out to a dinner just the two of us. Hank dressed up in a button up shirt, tie, and dress pants, and I wore a black dress with black heels. We felt so fancy! Especially since I am used to old highschool shirts and shorts covered with baby and Hank is always in deputy attire! We went to a local fancy restaurant called Darby's in downtown Nampa, where they gave us a booth in the back. It wasn't very busy, so it was nice to enjoy a low key dinner without all the craze Friday nights out usually have. I texted Tina to see how Henry was doing, and since he was doing great and her 6 kids were having a blast playing with him, she said to enjoy ourselves and not rush back. Across the street from the restaurant was a Ceramics studio I had been to once, and I suggested going with Hank jokingly, and surprisingly he agreed to go! Hank is not the arts and crafts guy by any means, so this came as a shock to me! We picked out a plate, and started painting it together and visiting. It was fun to see Hank enjoy something I really enjoy with me, I think he enjoyed it just as much ;) We painted it with our last name along the edge, and filled the middle with all of our names. It was really fun! We finished it off by picking up Henry and having some ice cream at home together, and exchanging new vows.

 It was a really low key anniversary, which is ideal for us :) It was fun to have lots of one on one time with my husband, and get an actual conversation in between the two of us. I cannot believe we've been married 3 years. He truly is my best friend; I delight in his company. We are going to be those kooky old people that will annoy each other, but yet still love each other to pieces. The happiness I've had since Hank is unreal, and it will just continue to grow as time goes on. It was a great anniversary, and here's to many many more....

xoxo, Kess

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