August 25, 2013


This word has been striking around like crazy in my little blonde head lately. The past few weeks have been very overwhelming and stressful for my little family, but although times have been hard, I can still manage a smile and thank God for his immense blessings and love. Lots of things in my life have been BITTERSWEET recently.

Bittersweet waxing and waning of friendships.

Bittersweet milestones and growth in Henry.

Bittersweet financial hardships.

Bittersweet mood swings.

To most of you those may seem simply bitter, and sour with zest and sting. Lately, I've reprogramed my brain to think of the blessing in EVERY thing. Yes it's hard when friends move, lose contact, or such, but they may be fulfilling the next phase God has placed in their life, or in fact maybe God just placed them in MY life temporarily to uplift them or for them to teach me a lesson. Yes it's hard when I look back and see my baby is growing bigger right before my eyes, but I am cherishing every second and grateful for the baby God so graciously sent to me. Yes money has been tighter than I EVER imagined it could be, and keeps me up worrying, but does it make me appreciate when we can buy bread or put a little fuel in the car? Absolutely! Yes it's hard to feel lonely and down, and for old hurts to resurface, but it makes me appreciate every smile, every laugh, every good time I have.

Some times in life you have to taste the bitter to know the sweet. By golly, I have tasted bitter throughout my life through and through; life sometimes seems like one big lemonhead! But the older I get, the more I realize what genuine happiness is, and to grasp and appreciate it for all that it is when I am. Growing up is a beautiful thing :)

Are you having some bitter thrown your way? Is life seeming sour to you?

What helps you get through it?

Wishing you a happy week :)

XOXO, Kess

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