September 1, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all.

September 1st, it is so so great to see you. I don't know how all of y'all feel, but for me, this summer just sped right on past us this year. I feel like summer started, the next day was the 4th of July, then the next day was the first day of school. Did it feel that quick to you?? Although summer is pretty fun, I have been anticipating fall; it's my favorite season.

I have lived in Boise for 3 years now, and I cannot begin to tell you why I love fall here THAT much more. The treasure valley with the crisp autumn air and the city of trees decorated with golds, reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows is pure beauty at its finest. The good Lord knew what he was doing with fall :) It's gorgeous. Oh, and I must also admit that I'm more of a leggings, scarf, and boots kind of gal. My husband loves September too; it's so funny how hyped he gets about the month.

Things have been pretty up and down for us pretty recently. Extreme financial stresses with bills, baby expenses/hospital bill, refrigerator almost going out, sharing one car temporarily, life has pushed us to our breaking points. It's been a rather stressful summer. But just as there are seasons of weather, there are seasons in our lives. Moods and situations will wax and wane, but I truly aspire to put my heart and faith in God and His words of promise during any season. Even when it's hard. Even when it's hopeless. Even when it's desperate. Because He promises to never leave us or forsake us. He loves His children and promises to always provide...and you know what, sometimes it's not in the way you think He will/should. Sometimes it's not in the timing you want. But His plan is always best, and I can humbly look at my life and see that apply numerous times.

I'm excited for this change of weather, and as well as my change of heart on my situations. This whole summer, I've had an aching, uncontrollable,heavy sigh of anxiety on my heart, and the past two mornings, I've woken up with complete peace in my heart. Like I mentioned earlier, our refrigerator went out yesterday while making dinner, and rather then getting hot in fury, rather then losing my temper, I immediately prayed in my head. "Lord, take this stress." "Lord, I know you need me to trust, help me trust." "God, reveal your plan with this to me." Needless to say, it was the breaker switch that had flipped in our garage, a relief of an easy fix. God revealed to me something that was beyond the fridge, beyond the stress, and simply spoke to my heart. In that "ah-ha!" moment, I realized I had not given God my entirety of faith in Him. I realized to change my heart and be positive in Him, and just as I changed my heart, He showed me it was a lesson.  Isn't He a wonder? ♥

Gosh, fall, the fridge, my heart, stress...lawdy this blog post is all over the place, my apologies in advance! But I guess lately my heart and mind have been going all over the place too, so I'll justify it with that ;)

Last night, I got to accompany Hank to work, and I can honestly say I am so profoundly proud of my husband. To see him in such a prestige, professional setting was amazing; I will blog more about my experience on my next post, it was wonderful! Henry is my 8 month crazy machine; he is in between being totally mobile and totally dependable, so he's been pretty frustrated with the in between skills. He is so fun though, and his smiles and snuggles tug at my heartstrings. He's my world ♥

Well, sorry for my random rambling. I post a lot about different topics, but today I thought I'd give you a personal update on my life and my little family. Once again, happy fall y'all!

Xoxo, Kess ♥

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