September 21, 2013

Fill in the Blanks.

Found this list from a fellow blogger this morning, thought it would be fun to do on a monthly basis, if you'd like you can copy the list and join in too :)

Making : An airplane name banner for Henry's nursery.
Cooking : Baking actually. Easy Peanut butter cookies.
Drinking : Coffee, no I haven’t kicked the habit yet. NEVER WILL.
Reading: Desperate by Sally Clarkson & Sally Mae. <3
Wanting: A nap…
Looking: For the perfect leather jacket to wear all of fall.
Playing: With Henry on the floor, as he dumps out DVDs off the entertainment center.
Wasting: Time on Pinterest. Obviously.
 Wishing: I was on vacation with my sweet little family.
Enjoying: the cooler weather, and Hank having the weekend off.
Waiting: For finances to get better.
Liking: TLC's Undercover Boss show :)
Wondering: What to do on this beautiful Saturday.
Loving: Car rides with my little family. Even if its just to the store.
Hoping: To make lasting friendships that will bless my heart, not destroy it.
Marveling: At the power of love.
Needing: A date night. Followed by a girls night.
Smelling: Mary Kay Dance perfume. and the fresh lemon aroma of a clean kitchen :)
Wearing: layers, leggings, boots, beanies, wooooo!
Following: People who make me want to be better.
Noticing: That I’m growing up.
Thinking: About Henry's first birthday coming up in a few months :(
Knowing: That the “list” can wait just a while longer. “Be Here Now”–that’s the goal.
Focusing: On the kindness and LOVE found within people in my life.
Bookmarking: Fall projects and recipes.
Opening: A blueberry pancake mix for breakfast :)
Giggling: About Henry and Ernie playing tug-a-war
Feeling: Humbled. Hopeful.

Xoxo, Kess

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