April 21, 2014

hello Easter. hello Spring.

Yes I know this is a day-ish late, but I just felt the need to recap on the wonder and miracle that Easter brings.

hello mellow Easter. 

hello to faith, family, and tender memories
hello to the Savior's rising, a hope, a sacrifice, a promise made just for you. 

hello to egg hunts, jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and a sunshiny Sunday.

hello to bare feet, bed head, and baby giggles.

hello to a sweet baby boy, snuggled right from his crib, and escorted out to a surprise of a living room full of eggs. 

hello to spring flowers and the warmth of the sun on your smiling face.

hello to a delicious and filling meal, prepared by love throughout the day.

hello to gratitude I have while watching my son make the same memories I have of Easter many years ago.

hello to kickball in the fresh green yard, and to volleyball with the niece. 

hello to a new season, and with that, a new mindset. 

I hope your Easter was refreshing, and that you felt God's love and presence. 


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