April 23, 2014


Hey you,

The one having phrases taunt you in your moments throughout the day.

The quiet moments as you drive,

the quiet moments as you drift off to sleep,

the quiet moments washing dishes at the sink, admiring out the window.

Those nasty phrases sneak a midst those peaceful times; they might sound like this:

"Surely I should be doing more."

"Surely I should be trying harder."

"Surely I am not enough."

"Surely this is not my purpose, not what I'm called to do."

Negative, self destructing thoughts like these run through our minds, and in return we run through life never feeling like we are enough, or that we should be "BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER"

What if I don't live up to my full potential? Wouldn't that be the biggest waste?

Shush that noisy negative nonsense right up, friend.

Block those damaging, and misleading words from your heart.

The enemy loves to take the opportunity to break the silence, to spew nasty, hurtful venom into our thoughts.

As a mom, I find myself alone with my thoughts at home, and quite frankly, I'm his perfect target.

"You're not a very good mom, Kessie."

"You shouldn't feel any worth about yourself."

"Is this ALL you're going to do with your life?"

I find that when I am at these susceptible moments, that if I cling to the Lord, He shuts him out!

and when I do, the Lord gently whispers these gentle words,

"I love you sweet daughter, Kessie."

"I'm proud to see you loving and praising me with the blessing of a child I gave you."

"I will love you, no matter what ALL you do in your life."

WOW, isn't that grand?

The Lord is gentle, merciful, and quiet. We need to train our hearts to seek Him out, and to truly allow ourselves to listen for His words, His affirmation, His grace.

The enemy is loud. Grand, noisy, manipulative, and quite frankly tears you down. He is spiteful, and will crush you if you allow him the time of day.

Quite frankly, I don't have time for that guy. Don't ever wanna!

I can honor God with the life I live in THIS moment, and in EVERY moment. After all, he is the mastermind and artist, and my life is His handiwork. Right now He has me serving Him as a mommy to Henry, a wife, a daughter, a waitress, and a friend. So I will bring Him glory where he has put me, and until He moves me to the next place in His plan, this is where I will glorify Him. I will glorify Him with showing His love where I'm at, and with what I have.


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