May 26, 2014

In Memory.

This is not just another day off.

This is not just an extra day camping.

This is not just a nice day to BBQ outside.

This is a day to somber, to reflect, and to ground ourselves in a heart of gratitude.

A day for the fallen, a day for the fighting. 

I am humbled with thankfulness for all the men and women who have served, and sacrificed for our freedom.

I also want to thank all the women and men, parents and children who wait, often in unspoken fear, for their loved ones who serve to return home.

I know they don't always make it.

Your losses are OUR losses.

Their service and devotion do not go unnoticed.

To the ones who's loved ones gave it all for America, today and everyday I want to send you love.


You are our country's heroes.

You are MY heroes.

Thank you for your sacrifice, thank you especially for sacrificing for people you didn't even know to have freedom, and doing so willingly just for the fact we are fellow Americans, and that we will never be able to repay you for what you did for us.

Wow, that's admirable, and quite profound.

Honey BBQ wings/Buffalo wings, bacon ceasar salad, rolls, fresh fruit, chips, Lemonade Punch, potato salad, and homemade lemon poke cakes all served in the vintage Pyrex dishes I collect. 

Today I made my family a nice feast, and we prayed for those families today. 

The ones who were incomplete from an ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The ones who were incomplete from a family member miles away fighting for our country.

Thank you.

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay his life down for his friends. "
-John 15: 13

XOXO, Kess

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