March 18, 2015

24 for 24.

Hi all!

Two days ago I turned the big 2-4! I cannot believe I'm there already! I seriously feel like I should be 21, but mentally I have an old soul of 80 something :)

Today I decided to share 24 facts about myself for 24 years. XOXO!

1. I love good smelly stuff. Candles, scentsy, lotions, perfumes. It's an obsession.
2. I cannot have the volume of something on an odd number. OCD I know, but I CAN'T.
3. I am claustrophobic, just watching tight spaces or being in really closed spaces freaks me out.
4. I hardly ever wear pink. I wore pink EVERYDAY in 7th grade, so it's usually the last color of clothing I buy.
5. People singing worship music brings happy tears to my eyes, especially when it's teenagers or older people, its so touching.
6. My all time favorite bands are Dixie Chicks and Rascal Flatts.
7. I've never watched a single Star Wars or Harry Potter. In fact, I think it makes my nephews shutter that I know NOTHING about it, haha.
8. Being the oldest sibling has been good and bad, but I always wanted an older brother.
9. I get ready for the day by sitting on my bathroom counter with my feet in the sink. Yes, I have a vanity. Yes, I still do it that way.
10. I love waterskiing so much, but I honestly hate winter skiing.
11. I think it would be a dream to open up a small clothing boutique, and really personalize it with self-esteem boosters and self-image love.
12. I HATE Hamburger Helper anything. BARF!
13. I cannot take naps. No matter how tired I am, once I'm up for the day, I'm up.
14. Yellow is my color. It is always what I'm drawn to for decorating.
15. My ideal vacation is the Bahamas. (been once, MUST go again)
16. I cannot stand doing laundry. I would rather deep clean bathrooms or anything other than that chore.
17. My clothing style is extreme. I range from dainty feminine pieces to rocker edgy. I love it.
18. My greatest passion is being a mother. It's a dream came true, and something I always longed to be.
19. When I was born, my parents were planning for a boy. My name was picked out as "cody" and everything.
20. I love Goldfish crackers. Seriously they are my go to snack!
21. I like to have blankets on when sitting. In my bed, watching tv, on the couch, reading. whatever I'm doing sitting, I have a blanket on my lap!
22. I always have secretly thought it would be cool to be in a musical. Grease or Hairspray would be a dream.
23. I'm obsessed with Coffee by morning, and Cherry Pepsi by afternoon. Seriously, it's bad haha.
24. I love graphic tees. Anything with a good quote or a funny pun is my all time favorite to wear!

XOXO kess

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