October 13, 2013

Fill in the Blanks. {October}

Making : A "Happy Fall Y'all" Decoration Banner.
Cooking : Baking actually. Brownies mmmmmmm.
Drinking : A pumpkin spiced frappe would be amazing right now.
Reading: Desperate by Sally Clarkson & Sally Mae. More than half way through <3
Wanting: to get my hair done. Needs it BADLY and it's my favorite thing to do.
Looking: At gifts for others for Christmas.
Playing: With makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube. SO FUN. 
Wasting: Time on Pinterest. Obviously.
 Wishing: I was on vacation with my sweet little family.
Enjoying: Fall, and church.
Waiting: For finances to get better.
Liking: Papa Murphy's new $5 pizzas.
Wondering: What God's purpose for my life is.
Loving: Phone calls from my sisters and mom.
Hoping: To make lasting friendships that will bless my heart, not destroy it.
Marveling: At God's promises.
Needing: A date night. Followed by a girls night.
Smelling: Bleach haha (just bleached my kitchen sink & counters) and my pumpkin candle from Kait:)
Wearing: my tan and black polka dot sweater, black scarf, jeans, and boots.
Following: People who make me want to be better.
Noticing: That time goes by oh so quickly when you have a baby.
Thinking: About how to be a better wife.
Knowing: My own worst critic is myself, need to change that.
Focusing: On letting God live in me and love through me.
Bookmarking: ideas for creating fun childhood memories and traditions for Henry<3
Opening: A new foundation. Such a simple pleasure.
Giggling: At how cute Henry looks with his two bottom teeth poking through :)
Feeling: Humbled. Hopeful.

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