April 2, 2013

The Tuesday Ten {vol 3}

It's time again for the Tuesday Ten! Here it goes :)

1. Boise Color Run

I have always wanted to do a run, but I have doubted my ability to do it. I heard about the Color Run when I moved to Boise a couple years ago, and it seriously looks like so much fun! It's nice because its not really a "race", its more for fun and you can participate at any pace :) It's a unique paint race downtown where the only requirement is that you wear a white shirt, and along the course there's different paints; You are supposed to be a rainbow mess when you cross the finish line! It's not until August, but I think I'm going to jump the gun and sign up to run it with my sisters and mom :)


My baby is 3, yes... THREE months old! I am seriously in shock over here. I feel as if every morning when I pick him up to start the day, he has doubled in size since I laid him down for bed. He is growing like a weed! He is in such a fun stage right now :) He is cooing and smiling, and loves people's interaction and attention. He recently started liking sitting in his bouncy chair and watching Blue's Clues :) It's so cute! Hank is picking up on the show, and I've secretly caught him singing along haha!

3. Marriage.

↑Wonderful words to live by! I never thought of it that way but it is spot on.

4. Traditions.
I am so excited to have my own little family that I can start traditions with; I can make little impressions of memories that Henry will remember the rest of his life and reflect back on with joy :) That is so neat! I want to start creative different traditions of our own, and also incorporate traditions Hank and I grew up with! For example, for Christmas (Dec 25th) and Henry's birthday (Dec 27th), rather than opening up a dozen presents, I think it'd be fun to open an envelope and have a destination of a family trip inside! It's fun thinking up different things for our family, and Pinterest has given me TONS of ideas :)

5. Dresser.
Hank and I have not ever had our own dresser, pathetic I know! For the longest time we've just thrown together stuff in a crammed closet with little to no organization or space, and in my spring cleaning frenzy, I had to change that!! I went out looking for a potential fix me up in different secondhand stores, and came across this beaut!

Isn't it cute?!?! The only problem is that it had a sticker that originally said $50, then was crossed out to $40. Besides some normal wear and tear, and grime and dust, this dresser was perfect! But I just couldn't get myself to spend $40 on it. So I thought, what the heck, I'll ask the manager if the price is firm. I have NEVER done this, that's how bad I wanted it! The D.I. manager asked me what I could do, and we agreed on $18.99!!!! They even drove it over to my home after trying several times to manuever it into my car. I washed,primed, sanded, and painted, and TA-DA! Here she is:

6. Sleep.

 Henry and I have only had 2hrs of sleep...today is gonna be interesting!!

 7. Ernie.

Our little family had a rough Easter :| On Friday, I noticed Ernie had a small amount of blood in his stool. I called his Vet and she said to watch him over the weekend to see if it persists. On Sunday morning, sure enough, it did, and was MUCH worse. I woke up to find pools of blood all down my hallway, and saw Ernie being shaky and flighty, as if in pain. We rushed him over to a 24hr Vet ER in Meridian, where we discovered he had torn up the lining of his intestines (most likely from eating something he shouldnt) and was severely dehydrated. His pancreas and liver were very inflammed amd close to shutting down. We said our goodbyes and he was instantly put on fluids and an iv drip, and was admitted for an overnight stay. It was hard to go about Easter without worrying about him, but somehow we managed to put on a smile and snap some pictures for Henrys first Easter. I also made a brown sugar pineapple ham, rolls, tossed salad, and corn. Our little dog is now home and recieving lots of love and care. He's still pretty weak and will be on several meds for the next week, but he is alive ♥

8. Amazing.
Go to YouTube and search "Amazing" by Janelle. That is our new nighttime song:)

I know this is the Tuesday TEN, but I only have time for 8 today.
Xoxo, have a blessed week!

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