April 23, 2013

The Tuesday Ten {Vol 4}

Its time again for my Ten on Tuesday! :) (gonna keep it short and sweet this time)

1. Motherhood.
A little update on how everything is going! My baby is 4, yes 4mos old on Saturday, I can hardly grasp the thought! Wasn't it just December and I was holding him brand new?!?! I ♥ being a mom. For the longest time I've known that was something I dreamed of becoming. I'm thankful every day for my Henry; in the midst of a cranky meltdown,  or an off day I still find myself thanking God for him :) He is at a really fun stage, just beginning to laugh. He also has discovered he can make noise so he babbles a lot and sucks on his hands :)

2. PLL's.
My sisters have watched this show since it started two years ago, and although I had seen a preview or two, it didn't spark much interest to me. And to be honest I didn't know much about the storyline at all. One night while tending to Henry I found it on Netflix and OH.MY.GOSH. I am hooked! So intense and such a complex plot; every episode leaves you shocked on the edge of your seat! Can't wait til they update the newest season! I am now a proud Pretty Little Liars Fan! Haha!


4. Products.
This shampoo/conditioner combo is awesome :) It is natural ingredients based, with coconut milk and whipped egg whites! It leaves your hair smelling amazing, soft, and staying cleaner longer in between washes. I got mine at Walmart for $5 for each bottle!

These next two products are now an everyday favorite! I must admit, I love makeup. I love playing with different shades, different effects, and sprucing up my face :) The first one is a highlighting stick from Benefit called "Watts Up". Its a shimmering, bronzing, contouring, and highlighting tool; I love how it brightens up my cheekbones and luminizes my features! It is GREAT, I use it everyday. The second one is also a Benefit product, they have a new mascara called "They're Real!" My lashes are naturally long and thick, so I consider them a feature that I love to play up to the max! I've become picky about mascara. When I tried it, it did not disappoint. My lashes were FANTASTIC!!!!! I give it a 10 easily :) Now normally I do not buy Benefit Cosmetics because they are a little out of my price range (I signed up for their birthday club and every year you get a free product or two that's sample size on your birthday and these were the gifts this year) but if you want, you can purchase the sample size at the store, and they last a long time :) This is the products:

5. My life song ♥
Live Like That by The Sidewalk Prophets

 6. Poems. 
I've always liked to write poems. They are quick little stories and ideas, scattered on a page with rhythm, and I love that. I've started writing poems again, so maybe one of these days I'll post one if I feel brave ;) 

 7. I AM A GIRL.
This song is quirky and upbeat; I listen to it alot lately! Her voice is so unique:)

8. JCPenneys.
My mom had forwarded me a coupon from JCPenneys for a $6 Portrait Package, and since Henry hasn't had pictures since he was 2 weeks old, I thought it'd be nice to snap a few :) The ladies there ooed and ahhed over him, and he would flirt right back. It was hilarious to watch him look at the camera and flash; he was such a good sport! We went to take a nakey shot and right when I took off his diaper, he must've felt a draft, he peed all over! There was no stopping it, and all of the ladies and I giggled so hard. We got some good shots, I'll have to put some up once I get them back from the studio!

 Hank is on a monthly schedule while he is in the training stage, and this month he has been working 3PM-1AM. Its been hard for both of us; he gives himself 45min to get there and it takes about that for him to get out of work and drive home. Since he gets off so late, he also sleeps in, leaving us only about an hour or so together on his work days :| Plus I hate being home by myself at night, so its hard to try to sleep. I'm just excited its only temporary!! He is really liking his job, and last week was Telecommunications Appreciation Week. I never knew how much behind the scenes and all that a dispatch officer does, its amazing! He also gets to ride in a police car for a day next week :)

 10. Post-Baby.
 I had a few critical and harsh comments from people during my pregnancy. Don't eat this, exercise, don't indulge, blah blah blah haha! To be honest, I didn't have a care in the world about that stuff. I was growing a baby, that was so special in itself that a weight gain DID NOT worry me whatsoever. I truly enjoyed my pregnancy and yes, indulged in my cravings (you want to tell a pregnant woman she can't have those Tootsie Rolls at the gas station that she is wanting?!) ;) Who cares! Of course I ate healthy as well, but I didn't let people get to me when they would make comments about how "big" I looked or "how hard it would be to lose it". Those people just like to fill the air with their own noise haha. Going in to give birth, I weighed 148lbs. After 6weeks, I was down to 128lbs. Now I'm down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 124 :) I haven't done much to achieve that, but I tell you what, NURSING WORKS WONDERS! I'm all for breastfeeding; it's good for you, baby, and its free :) So lean in and listen close...weight is just a stinking number. It doesn't define you! You are beautiful! When your pregnant, enjoy it to the full potential and don't worry about that stuff. Your growing your son/daughter, how special is that?! ♥♥♥

 There is my lengthy Tuesday Ten, haha short and sweet, oh goodness Kess!

Have a happy week, be kind to one another :) ♡Xoxo, Kess


  1. Kess you're amazing!! for #10 weight shouldn't dicate our lives look at Marilyn Monroe she was plus size and gorgeous. And I can't wait to grow a human and nourish it:)

  2. Stormy I just love you!! Totally right! But somehow people let it! Its a wonderful feeling ♥ worth every stretch mark and morning sickness episode ;) You should start doing a Tuesday Ten lovie! Its fun:)