March 20, 2014

A Marriage Post.

Our engagement pictures, 2010. (Boise Train Depot)
Just thought I'd share a little slice of life with you here. I have been working on our much-neglected office, organizing and giving its bare walls some decor, and so with that I always love the charm of decorating with sentiment. Memorabilia, lyrics, colors, patterns...I love adding depth and personal touch to the room. While a midst my de-cluttering, I came across a note in my card stash from my grandma. The words just struck my heart. As I was reflected a little on what was behind it, I thought I would share.

Henry turned one, and since then we have settled into a pretty good routine. Everything is just kind of normal. I remember about a month or so ago driving in the car somewhere with Henry, and I was thinking a little about our life, and it just kind of felt a bit dry. NOT bad, mind you, but it just felt like we had settled a bit. Hank's work was going really well, and I was consumed in my new waitress job at the Nampa Airport, both alternating a workload and home with Henry while the other did the opposite. It seemed as if our days and nights were predictable, you know, things were a routine. Not many surprises, everything was just comfortable. And it was comfortable with Hank and I. We have been married for 3 1/2 years, and I thought, "well, I guess this is it. We are out of the newlywed phase and are just doing life now." Rather than being terribly bothered by that thought, I just went with it. I mean, things were just fine. Just not spectacular, I guess.

Look at those baby faces! (Another engagement pic, Wilson Ponds)

Valentine's Day made it's arrival in a blink of an eye, and my sister in law moving back to Boise from Alabama, she took a gracious opportunity to offer to babysit Henry for us. She said to not bother with the time or hurry back, and to enjoy our time together. I dressed up, wore lipstick and high heels (because when do I get to do that?) and even curled my hair. After dropping him off to his aunt and cousins, we realized we had an entire half of the day with no plans. No bulky diaper bag, no adjusting a noisy dvd player in the car, no nap schedule to adhere to. It felt so good. and freeing in a sense. We stopped at a fancy-ish restaurant and had a delightful dinner. then we browsed along an outlet mall and Hank bought me a beanie just because, went to Dave and Busters arcade because we could, and rounded out the night picking out a gift for our newest nephew. All the while laughing, joking, engaged in conversation with whatever came into our heads. It was amazing. Much needed to say the least.

The next day, I found the time during his quick morning nap to write my grandma back. (sidenote: we write letters back and forth to catchup). I told her about our wonderful Valentine's date, and how reconnected we felt just having some us time, and a several days later I received a letter back from her. This is part of what it said:

"There is no doubt the two of you are in great love, sweet grand daughter! I hope this season in life is causing you and your little family to thrive. It was so wonderful to hear you share about your date together and just what a great time you had. Make sure your marriage is a statement of who you are and what you believe. Love you sweet one!"

Rereading this sprung some tears to my eyes. I thought, "you know what, she's right, we are in great love!" This is a fantastic adventure we are living together, how could I ever possibly forget? How blessed I was to have someone reiterate it just when my heart needed to hear it. I don't share this to say, "look at us, we have it all together." because that is SO wrong. It's not the point, and absolutely not the case. The point is we took a time out from everything to reconnect with one another, and it obviously made a difference. It recentered us, brought us back to a focus on husband and wife aspect as well. I have plans to hang that note as a reminder when things feel dry or life gets mundaine. We have a great love, and a great life. It's worth reading daily to really look at this guy who once swept me off my feet with fresh eyes unclouded by the daily stuff that dulls the senses.

(Boise Train Depot)

It's also a great reminder to speak truth into the lives of others when we see it. Sometimes it's exactly what their heart needed to hear.

XOXO, Kess

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