March 3, 2014

Fifty Nifty Facts.

Good morning, and Happy Monday to you all! I decided to compile a list of random facts or things about me, just to let you get to know me better. It'd be fun to see you do a list for you as well so I can read yours too :) Here we go:

1. My name is Kessie Darae. My parents came up with it by combining their names, which are Jessie Dean and Kim Larae.
2. If I was a boy, my name would've been Kody, and some other names that were possibilities were Samantha or Shiloh. I'll take Kessie!
3. Although I have ZERO acting or singing talent, I have always wanted to play "Frenchie" in a production of Grease, or "Penny" in a production of Hairspray.
4. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mom. I remember coming up with names and dreaming up my "future family" for years.
5. A pet peeve of mine....MAKEUP MASK! or when a girls foundation doesn't match their skin color and there is a definite line.
6. I'm either extremely outgoing or an extreme homebody, I can be both ends of the spectrum.
7. I am self conscious about my nose (which has been broken) and my thin light eyebrows.
8. I can be a hopeless romantic, but also realistic.
9. I love vintage, retro, or antiques. I frequent antique and thrift stores regularly!
10. I prefer to not watch the news, it gives me major anxiety and fear for the world my son is growing up in. Also, politics. Newsflash, ITS ALL OPINION. and EGOS.
11. I had severe postpartum depression and Henry had an extreme case of colic for 4 months. Wouldn't wish that on ANYONE. Such a hard season in life.
12. Growing up, I asked Santa every year for a chihuahua haha. I really wanted a little purse dog, and I finally got one when I got married, aka my Ernie :)
13. I was proposed to on top of  the ferris wheel at Lagoon.
14. My husband and I fell in love with each other as we were friends, and actually helped each other get over our own recent heartbreaks.
15. My mom's mom (my grandma) comes from a family of 6 girls, which are 3 sets of twins.
16. I've always been the passive friend, haha, the one that gets bossed around.
17. I love Boise. It's become my home.
18. My favorite colors are aqua(mint) and yellow.
19. I feel like career Barbie. Seriously, there are tons of jobs I think would be fun.
20. My favorite holidays are Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.
21. My favorite season is fall.
22. I secretly wanted to take the auto shop class in highschool, but didn't out of fear people would think I was too stupid or make fun of me.
23. I want a 195something Chevy Truck so bad.
24. Something off my bucket list was to adopt a shelter dog. Check! My sweet Annie :)
25. I feel like I'm the ugliest sibling out of us five haha.
26. I HATE when people have their "favorites". Favorite kids, favorite students, favorite grandkids. I feel like that is so low.
27. I won a Nokia cell phone (you know, the cool kind back then...with Snake! :) ) on the radio by guessing the song "Lonely" hahaha. Needless to say, my parents did not go pick it up, they did not think it was necessary for a 6th grader, bummer!
28. I don't want to "plan for kids" or have a "set number of children" I want. I'll let God cover that one!
29. I love Portland. It's such a culture shock from Idaho that it's such a fun change up to visit!
30. I get too emotionally attached to tv show characters. Jim Halpert. Sawyer from LOST. Kelso. Nathan Scott. Brooke Davis. The list goes on and on haha.
31. I originally set up an email in highschool and the password was "henryscott" (hank's legal name haha) I still use that email, and little did I know at the time I was using it that I would marry him and that would be my future son's name, eek gives me chills! :)
32. My dream ideal vacation was going to the Bahamas, and I went in 2012, and MUST go back.
33. I collect and am obsessed with vintage kitchenware. Bowls, plates, saucers, canisters, you name it.
34. Cats freak me out, I had a childhood cat named Pepper who was the only exception, but other than that I will never own one, they scare me!
35. My favorite indulgence is getting my hair done.
36. I have never had fake nails! I've had cheap-o glue on ones from the store, but not an actual set.
37. Personally I don't think I would like a tattoo on me, but I like them on other people! I tried a henna one out on my wrist and it drove me CRAZY. I felt dirty, isn't that weird?
38. I've always wanted a moped scooter, especially in the summertime.
39. Growing up I did not like my name, I always wanted to be named Ashley, Chloe or Roxy hahaha.
40. I love to write. I've wrote several books and poems. But hesitate to let anyone read them and wouldn't ever try to publish them.
41. My fashion style is extreme "rocker" or the extreme "classy", such different ends of the spectrum!
42. When I was pregnant, the sight of a "relish chili hot dog" Sonic billboard had me full on throwing up in the car. YIKES.
43. If I could, I would relive Henry's birth over and over, MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE. WOW. Truly a gift from God himself. Too perfect.
44. I love country music, but not so much of the newer hits. The sound has changed, and I don't like it.
45. I listen to Dixie Chicks every day. I'm not even kidding, and I'm not ashamed. They are my all time fav.
46. When I was 15, my parents gave me a triangle-cut birthstone ring with diamonds on either side of it. I remember saying I wanted my wedding ring to look like it. I had misplaced it, and when I was later proposed to, Hank had picked a triangle DIAMOND ring with diamonds on either side of it. He had never seen that ring! It turned up when I moved to Boise, and I had to prove it to him! Freaky huh?!
47. Favorite verse is Proverbs 4:23
48. I am addicted to ziplining, even though I've only gone once in Mexico. Must go more in my life.
49. My favorite board game is Scattergories.
50. I eat grilled cheese sandwiches with jelly spread on top. Don't hate, try it first!


  1. I LOVE these! You are so fun! And I can't get over how your parents came up with your name! So cool! :)

  2. You should do one too! It's fun, it makes you think and relearn yourself haha! Thanks:)