March 26, 2014


A few of my favorite things lately. :)
This is definitely what I plan on getting and reading soon!
WANT THIS SO BAD IT HURTS...shopaholic probs.

SWOON, I'm a sucker for vintage kitchenware.

These heart sunnies are a dream.

The Sound of Music. Love the songs, love Julie Andrews, love the curtain clothes.

...speaking of musicals, my husband got me the perfect birthday present, tickets to see Wicked! I have seen it before and I am already stoked to see it again April 17th! YAY!

REALLY want to do a Redwood forest trip this year...anniversary trip maybe?

Just a peek into my scatterbrained head :) Don't we all have randoms bits and pieces of things on our minds?
(Please say yes. I can't be the only one!)

XOXO, Kess

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