September 25, 2014

A few of my favorite things. *vol 2*

Hi there :)

Can't believe it's already time for me to post a new month's list of favorite things. If you are new to these posts of mine, let me explain a little. This is my second favorite things post, and the list is a few products/items and such that I've tried and have been enjoying, and want to share them with you as well so that you may try and enjoy them too :) If you want to see my first favorite things post, click here:
 August Edition, Vol 1

Okay, let's get started, shall we?!

1. Fringe Clutch
Fringe is all the rave lately, and perfect for the transition into fall. I have love seeing the different pieces with fringe detail, and to my surprise I found this brand new at Saver's (local thrift store) I love it. It's an easy bag to throw just keys and a wallet into, and easy to take in and out of a diaper bag depending on if my little is coming along :) I've seen similar bags/clutches at Rue 21, Target, and Kmart. Pick one up, they're so fun.

2. Girls Funds Graphic Tee
Graphic Tees....need I say more?! Goodness, I'm a sucker for them. They are so transitional and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or look you prefer. Classic w/ jeans, under a blazer, tucked into a skirt, under a leather bomber jacket, the possibilities are endless! May I also add I love me a good pun? Haha. If I think of one I sometimes will create a shirt myself to say what I want it too. I saw this at Target, and it has a longer back which I love in a shirt. I believe it was $15. I wear it tons!

3. Boho Statement Necklace
Yes, I know my last post had some statement necklaces too, but hey this is a different one. I really have been liking the look of chunky silver bohemian necklaces with a simple top. Very edgy, and polished; I love a clean easy look! This one was a steal from Rue 21 (almost all my necklaces I pick up there for cheap) and it is a staple for many outfits. I believe it was $7.

4. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
Can I just tell you that I loathe eyeliner?!! Now don't get me wrong, I love to wear it. The thing that drives me crazy about it is putting it on fresh, and either it smearing down along my waterline, or wearing off soon after application. I've searched high and low for a good long lasting one, and a friend of mine recommended this. I don't know how I never tried this magical stuff, I love Revlon and especially it's colorstay line. This one passes the test ladies, if you don't take anything from this post other than this eyeliner I will still be happy as heck :) It's that good. Lasts all day and stays on your lids, no smears! So no more people asking if you've cried or to go wipe under your eyes girls!

5. Rue 21 Tropadelic Fragrance
Normally I am not drawn to any fragrance with "tropical hints". I feel as if that pina colada, fruity nonsense gives me a headache, and comes off too strong. When I tried out this scent in the store, I was hesitant, but I was pleasantly surprised! I can't exactly remember what different elements are in it, but from what I recall the associate told me it had subtle hints of mango, along with passion fruit and star fruit, along with a musk of grapefruit. It's sweet, and a pop of fun, but nothing too intense. I'm happy to have a new perfume for $10!

6. Mossimo Fringe Ankle Booties
Do you see a pattern with this fringe obsession? Haha, sorry not sorry! I was in Target the other day with Henry, and these beauties just popped off the shelf to me. I have been on the hunt for some ankle boots, and I've searched boots w/ fringe on pinterest for months; these boots were perfect! Can't wait to pair them up with some cuffed or rolled up jeans on the chilly days ahead.

7. Lavender & Chamomile Bubble Bath
Cheapest purchase yet, but I'm in love! I scored this at the Dollar Tree believe it or not, and it's wonderful! I love the Eucalyptus Mint Bath products from Bath & Body Works, but I must say I love this stuff too. Nice big bubbles with heavenly essential oil aromas. The fact that it came in a huge bottle and was only a buck is a huge bonus too!

8. Bath & Body Works Fall Collection Candles:
I love B & B works. For reals. Some days I go in with my purse in my car to resist the temptation of buying all things yummy smelling. They recently did a special for all the big 3 wick candles at 2 for $22, which is a total steal! (Each candle is normally $22 a piece, so basically buy 1 get 1 free) I picked out 4 scents: Tailgate (Cinnamon musk/leaves smell) Lemon Mint, Pumpkin Sugared Donuts, and Maple & Seasalt Popcorn. I'm set for the year :)

9. RAD Trucker Hat:
Perfect hat for a quick errand :) I love that it's black and white so it's versatile, and brings more to a typical ponytail. I love it, need I say more?!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any favs that you've been trying and loving, help a sister out and share them with me! :)


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